Accuracy in Media

The Washington Examiner reported:

Senate Republicans on Friday said they started a probe into the Environmental Protection Agency’s culpability in the Flint, Mich., water crisis.

The probe was initiated Thursday night in a letter sent by Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas and senior members of the Environment and Public Works Committee, Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana and Chairman James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

Photo by Michigan Municipal League (MML)

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  • Mesa Mike

    Isn’t Flint the birthplace of the overfed, anti-social socialist Michael Moore (and home to the rock band Grand Funk)?

    Flint had a lot of industrial capacity at one time, and so the city was also a casualty in the socialist war on Detroit’s auto makers — and now on the country in general.

    I suspect Flint’s water quality issues are purposeful. Are socialists worried about Michigan’s Republican governor being placed on the GOP ticket or a candidate himself eventually?

    I don’t know. But the Flint water debacle is being kept alive by a Big Media that ignores most other major stories and regardless doesn’t pass the smell test any more than Michael Moore on a hot, muggy day in Michigan.