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Uh, that sounds rather biased, doesn’t it?!

The Washington Post is begging primary voters to reconsider their support for Republican front-runner Donald Trump, and warned this week that the businessman’s political ascendency is not unlike that of other famous dictators, including Adolf Hitler.

“[Y]ou don’t have to go back to history’s most famous example, Adolf Hitler, to understand that authoritarian rulers can achieve power through the ballot box,” the Post’s editorial board said Tuesday, explaining how it considers the casino tycoon’s bid for the White House a “threat to democracy.”

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  • Tom woods

    The Washington post. the New DNC Central. What a joke, they’ve already got a Hitler type living the white house.

  • Ken Colditz

    You are stupid and an idiot to even compare 1920/30’s Germany to the United Stats! You dont know your history. To even compare Donald Trump to Hitler shows your true ignorance of facts. Next time you publish evil propaganda, be able to back it up with historical fact!

  • 2hoursfromsaratoga

    And who is the waPost going to back?

  • Mark Midas

    But the Post editorial board still doesn’t think there’s any similarity to Hitler and the Jew-hating Obama? And Obama has turned over more land mass to Arab Muslims than Germany annexed or occupied in the late 1930s. But then there are a lot of stupid people who watch the History Channel and will agree with the “Moscow-on-the-Potomac Post” that Trump equals Hitler. What a joke. We’re already living in a socialist authoritarian Weimar Republic.

  • Mad Marx

    Die Welt ist in Aufruhr. Menschen fliehen entweder vor Gewalt und
    Misshandlung. Aber er ist ein Zeichen genauer hinzuschauen, was denn
    falsch läuft. Ich wünsche Euch eine hassfreie Woche.