Accuracy in Media

Latino Victory, a non-profit organization run by former Hillary Clinton campaign staffers and Democratic staffers, published a video ad slamming Republican gubernatorial candidate for Virginia, Ed Gillespie, for allegedly racist and bigoted rhetoric during the election cycle.

Gillespie is running a close race against Democratic nominee Ralph Northam, with polls putting Northam up double digits or ahead by single digits.

The ad portrayed a character similar to Ed Gillespie driving a pick-up truck with a Tea Party ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ license plate and a Confederate battle flag in the bed of the truck, running down children who were minorities.

The ad was criticized as toxic, and after a recent terrorist attack by an Uzbekistan citizen in New York City by way of using a rented work truck, Latino Victory pulled the ad.

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  • samo war
  • mioahu

    Why won’t these lations just want to be american ? Why do they want to transform america in the sorry places they came from ? Don’t they learn anything ? Their way of voting and thinking destroyed their countries of origin, or if they are here for generations still those central/south american leftist countries should be a warning, why would anybody want to do the same here ? So sad the lack of moral clarity in most minorities… and I am saying this as a LEGAL immigrant from a leftist country !

  • samo war