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Valerie Plame Wilson, a former CIA official, has a history with Republicans, mostly negative. She was outed by the Bush administration as a CIA spy, which led to her cover being blown and her spy career ended, and won the court case to punish the Bush administration official (Scooter Libby) who was responsible for her early retirement.

However, CNN did not mention this history in their brief caption of their video interview with Wilson and instead mentioned how an “ex-spy wants to buy Twitter to stop Trump” via a crowdfunding campaign to raise $1 billion.

Please include all the facts next time, CNN, especially how her crowdfunding goal is not even at $10,000, well short of the $1 billion goal.

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  • mioahu

    just another example of an idiotic leftist. First of all Twitter is REALLY expensive, and obviously she doesn’t know crap about that market, second it is just another example of the “tolerant” , “inclusive” , “freedom loving” , “patriotic” left to stop speech they don’t agree with. PATHETIC. And mr Blitzer, you lost all credibility when you said that the Barcelona attack was a copycat of the Charlottsville attack, if that’s not the most pathetic idiotic statement from CNN (and it does have a lot of competition !!!) than it’s definitely up there

  • Richard Hellstrom

    It’s just more of the same anti trust monopolies the Democratic Lobby is creating in America. The Republicans need to break these monopolies up and create a fair market. I don’t know how a nation would even try to explain to their children that if you didn’t assume the same ideas as the LGBT Democratic Party you couldn’t work in the News Media on any level , you couldn’t be an actress , musician, work in radio or be an entertainer of any kind and you wouldn’t be allowed to attend college or have a vocational trade. What next ? Will they be locked out of the public parks , the zoos and amusement parks ? Elementary School ?

  • kuhnkat

    Scooter Libby was convicted of lying to the investigators. He most likely was not the one who outed her. She had, in any event, been outed to the Russians and the Cubans years earlier which was why she was working here in a non-cover position.

  • Mike S.

    Weird, weird lead, guys! Did some far-left mainstream media type write the opening paragraph? I thought Colin “RINO’ Powell’s underling, Dick Armitage, set up the whole Big Lie about desk jockey Plame, and passed it off to columnist Robert “RINO’ Novak to expose Dick Cheney initially. And it was Plame’s hubbie who told Congress the Big Lie about yellow cake so Powell could look the part of a victim of the Bush administration. Even Andrea Mitchell admitted most everyone in D.C. media knew Plame worked for the CIA, and, one of the first things publicity seeking Plame did, was to pose for Vanity Fair, I think it was. (Oh yeah, she wore a scarf to conceal her identity.)

  • IraMad

    Question about “crowd funding”…
    When the goal is not reached, the plan is not implemented…
    what happens to the money?? The donations?
    Are they returned to the donors, or do the creators just keep the change?
    It strikes me as just another 21st century scam!