Accuracy in Media

The media reported that a gun silencer bill was going to be put on the House floor for discussion and an eventual vote this week, but that the GOP shelved it after the Las Vegas shooting attack that killed at least 59 people and wounded over 500.

However, the report was false because the bill had not been scheduled for any discussion or vote this week or any other date, which was confirmed by both Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

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  • samo war
  • J. Glenn

    This push for gun control laws (effectively a ban on personal weaponry) reminds me of everything Democrats do on behalf of socialist tyranny in this country — from Wilson and federal income tax to FDR and Social Security to LBJ and Medicare to Clinton/Obama and healthcare. Socialists don’t care who they have to kill or how many, having killed nearly half-a-billion people since the mid 19th century (and I include both world wars last century followed, not by “peace and liberty,” but massive famines in east Asia).

    This brings me to my point: Democrats know how to work the masses, to create optics. Now we have two enraged older white males (no longer Middle Eastern or black men) who have gone on shooting rampages. I heard a guy on Limbaugh suggest this guy may have been paid off, perhaps dying of a fatal disease. The caller want to know if there will be an autopsy. Good question.Socialists are as surreptitious as they are evil.

  • kuhnkat

    I believe Ryan about as much as I believe Hitlery.

  • John Sprinklebumj

    There are at least 3 pieces of important firearm legislation in the hopper. First is the suppressor purchase simplification. Second is HR 38 on reciprocity, with over 200 co-sponsors in the House. Third are the constitutional carry proposals, now approved in over a dozen states. Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing even more strict gun legislation, despite all these laws having little to no effect, even in cities and states with very strict gun laws (Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and others, nearly all under Democrat control). Also, please note many violent gun shootings are carried out in gun-free zones. Also, we already have laws currently on the books against murder and terrorism, as applicable in the Las Vegas murders.