Accuracy in Media

How is it that the FBI thought that the shooter of U.S. congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) didn’t have a target in mind when he shot Scalise?

That’s what the FBI stated in their recent press briefing last week, even when the American public and media know that the Bernie Sanders-supporting shooter did have Republicans as targets. Would they determine the same if the shooter were an alleged conservative?

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  • jug

    What a crock of shjt!

    Of course with McCabe the acting director of the FBI!

    He is one of the leaders of the “Deep State”, even calling the shots over his previous boss, Comey before he was fired!

    Can you imagine, your underling, bossing you around, politically?
    He is a HRC bot through his wife getting 3/4 mill support from HRC and still losing her run for office!
    Trump just didnt cut deep enough when he fired Comey!
    And this guy is trouble until T does get rid of him!

  • james warren

    Instead of speaking from a deep well of emotionalism, rage and revenge, simply research the facts, evidence and actual data behind your claims. And present it respectfully like an adult if you can.