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CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter pointed out the latest CNN anti-Trump chyron (written words on the TV screen) on Twitter, and a Townhall columnist took CNN and Stelter to task:

Not only is the network unapologetic about its cheerleading for Hillary Clinton while demeaning Trump, but some of the anchors are even bragging about their biased coverage. Brian Stelter was proud to share a recent CNN chryon that trolled Trump for his mixed feelings on WikiLeaks. While Trump has certainly made contradictory remarks, it’s curious that CNN did not take up this hobby until Trump came into the picture. Did CNN care when Obama misled the American people about his health care legislation?

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  • CNN’s Brian “Suttering” Stelter barely has the requisite brain power to read a teleprompter. He must have OCD over Trump being President. Poor little Brian tries so hard but achieves so little. He must be related to someone high up in CNN. Maybe he has some embarrassing video on someone important at CNN.

  • Dj Bermont

    The real problems that Trump is having are of his own making: he lies, distorts, changes his mind, and then denies that he did any of those things. Also, what Trump and this nation need is to get all of this Russian stuff out in the open and over with. If he never did anything wrong, then get him out from under the cloud. If he’s guilty, get rid of him. This all feels like a partisan cover-up.

  • Civila191

    Your daft.

  • Vince

    How stupid are you???? The place that is pushing the Russian crap is the fake news . Have you not heard all the reports of nothing there by FBI and every person who does not have an agenda and not a raffing

  • Vince

    I was not done. Raffing lunatic. I have never heard President Trump lie, and what now only Trump is not allowed to change his mind. With all the pressure of the crazy left and the MSM. 0bumer almost took are country down, and I thank God every day for Mr. Trump.

  • Txmumbles

    Vince, get out of your bubble. Flynn, Manafort, Kushner, Sessions, Page, and several others have met with Rissians. Trump said no one did. FBI has said ” on-going investigation ” not nothing there. Wimp ass Republicans are part of big cover-up. Even you know that. Tough to admit you’ve been sucked in.
    Trump has done nothing to make your life better except to piss other people off. You can gloat all you want, without health care, education or a decent job.

  • Txmumbles

    Yes, Obama was terrible. Tried to give people health care coverage. Tried to keep us out of war. Got the economy going after Republicans disaster. Could have done much more but Republicans in Congress were all bought and paid for by big corporations and top 1%.
    Now Trump and his family are making Million off my taxes. How much better off are you?

  • Alan Stanwyck

    Stelter is a little bitch. I am always trying to figure out why everyone on cnn seems to willingly participate in disinformation, propaganda, and contradicting statements. These people seem to get offended if their legitimacy as journalists is questioned, but get real, even kids in elementary school know that journalists should not have bias. It is annoying when they make speculation and ask questions to each other for information that shouldnt be that hard to find (they seem to have no interest in finding out unless it hurts trump). By far, the most annoying thing that pisses me off is insulting the viewer’s intelligence. In the minutes prior to a white house presser, their panel will discuss a topic (such as flynn’s security clearance and documents related to it this week). The question was asked to spicer: Why wont the white house provide flynns security application to the comittee? Spicer says: we dont have it. those security clearances are handled by the dia. Flynn obtained his 5 year clearance from them prior to trump taking office under the obama admin.” Sure enough, the “panel” say “TRUMP IS BLAMING OBAMA!”. It is really insulting to the viewer and it always makes me wonder if they are provided the info second hand… but i seriously doubt it…. im sure there is another reason…

  • Curtis Mamzic

    Then your totally deaf.

  • Curtis Mamzic

    And stand by for the coming soon “Trump Recession,” it’s going to be YUGE, YUGE, YUGE, and all Obama’s fault!

  • Curtis Mamzic

    The CNN chryon is accurate, so keep it up, CNN.
    And the Trump and his administration are the idiots that keep on giving.