Accuracy in Media

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report gave a sob story about how former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is not getting a fair shake by NFL teams after Kaepernick’s national anthem protest rubbed teams and executives the wrong way. The piece claimed that Kaepernick spoke his mind and suffered the consequences of free speech.

However, it also ignored how Kaepernick’s actions turned NFL fans against Kaepernick and he became a lightning rod for controversy when the athlete later wore a shirt with Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro’s face on it.

Also, Kaepernick has earned millions of dollars in salary as an athlete in the NFL, so it is not as if he hasn’t earned money from his athletic endeavors.

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  • John Maczuga

    I hope he never plays in the NFL again. He made his bed and should now have to lay in it.

  • Spectator

    So you sow,so shall you reap. Football is about team, getting paid for your talent whether it be passing the ball, running with the ball or blocking. The game isn’t about someone’s “soap opera or giving someone a soap box for their personal endeavors. He wants to have his “free speech” he can punch his own ticket, only he won’t get paid millions of dollars while he cries “injustice” to bad, so sad-not!

  • John Friend

    Uhhh, this is the real world. If you do something (even it’s 100% within your rights) that is displeasing to either your potential employers or to a large body of fans (even if it’s a very just cause), then you become less marketable. If you piss off your boss at work, you’re less likely to get a raise. If you piss off your other potential employers, you’re less likely to get hired by them. That’s just the way the real world works.

  • Schnauzerdaddy

    I hope he ends up on the street, a homeless bum, begging for pocket change. Then he will have time to reflect on his past behavior…bums have plenty of time to think.

  • rebecca martinez

    Cowboys owner to players, “you are actors and this is MY stage, you will stand, you will put your hand over your heart or I will fire you.” Love him.