Accuracy in Media

Sounds Clintonian of Hillary Clinton, doesn’t it?

Jake Tapper of CNN correctly pointed out that the losing Democratic Party candidate in 2016, Hillary Clinton, said she claimed responsibility for her Election Day loss to underdog Donald Trump. Yet, her actions and words prove differently, as she blamed the likes of former FBI director James Comey, former President Barack Obama, and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

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  • Allegro Manontroppo

    Lock her up.

  • ClassicFilm

    Someone please send Hillary some cheese to go with her non-stop “whine.” Even some Democrats are becoming embarrassed and are distancing themselves from this pitiful, delusional, finger-pointing woman.

  • Matthew Newgarden

    Hillary Clinton needs to pull up her compression socks and go back to the woods. Maybe the squirrels will listen to her excuses.

  • Wulf2000

    Next, she will blame the aliens from Planet X for her loss.

  • El Texican

    Obama started the blame game when he assumed office as President. Hillary is emulating him. Nothing is ever her fault. ( Perhaps she thinks that Comey, Obama, Putin, and the DNC all conspired together to get her defeated.) The fact is that a great many American voters rejected her; her ideas and policies, and her socialist and world order agenda. For most it was not so much that Trump has to win but that Hillary had to loose. Now the socialist Democrats and a few RHINOS are desperately trying to stop Trump from undoing as much of Obama’s damage as possible. They want to get rid of President Trump through impeachment. They do not have any grounds for impeachment but that may not stop them from trying. They would need sixty – seven votes in the Senate for conviction. They are not likely to get them. But if they did, at least we would still not have Hillary. While there is not anything but accusations against president Trump and no substantiated evidence; there is plenty of evidence that Hillary should be in prison.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Jake Tapper is a ZioCON/Communist war monger who realizes Hillary can’t give them the war with Russia they want so bad they can taste it.

  • Ron B

    Two time loser, it’s time for Hillary to ride off into the sunset

  • Brad Owenz

    She’s a traitor. ANYONE not agreeing with that fact is a traitor.

  • Bert

    Everyone recognizes who Hillary is, except Hillary.

  • Jerry Johns

    Just shoot her but not between the eyes because there is nothing to hit in her head.

  • Gregg Jensen

    Rat poison-laced cheese, pleeze.