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Vocal anti-Trump CNN pundit, Ana Navarro, is a self-proclaimed Republican consultant. However, as LifeZette alleged, Navarro has donated to Democratic politicians since 1997. Who are some of the recipients of her donations?

None other than New Jersey U.S. Senater Bob Menendez, currently on trial for corruption charges, and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is embroiled in an IT investigation involving a former staffer from Pakistan.

Why does CNN continue to claim that Navarro is a Republican consultant?

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  • tkrepel

    Here’s a different question: Why do conservatives continue to claim that Pat Caddell is a Democratic consultant when he does nothing but trash Democrats and work with Republicans?

  • mioahu

    CNN is lying even about this. Pathetic fake news

  • mioahu

    CRAPEL is back ahahahha…cause he is a democrat , or at least was a democrat, worked with Carter, Biden and Brown…and then he got smart , which we can’t say about you…he saw what smart people see, that the democratic party has moved to the left and has become the leftist party of antifa thugs and blm…and started to criticize them since they are working for the destruction of capitalism and America, that’s why, comrade

  • samiam

    A fire breathing dragon is my take on her! I don’t watch that channel anymore! That whole channel is a freakin mess this lady in particular! She was a campaign person for one of the presidential candidates at the beginning of the campaigns! I have seen and heard her become unhinged on the president and his supporters!

  • Bruce

    CNN is a pack of Liars from Jeff Zucker on down. Good Luck holding onto your job when the AT&T Merger is completed, Zucker. Ana Navaro isn’t anything but a stupid Tortilla vendor. Why would we believe she’s anything but a paid shill?

  • Bob S

    “Accuracy in Media.” Hilarious name for a right wing nutjob propaganda website. Notice one of the main headers on the entire site is “Benghazi.” What a joke.

  • IraMad

    Oooooh! Big surpris-o!

  • IraMad

    The Troll teleconference just ended.

  • thebearded1

    The ‘why’ here is obvious. The ‘what’ should be: what the hell are we doing pointing out the obvious? The more frauds like CNN get attention the more they matter. Our focus is to retake media, ALL OF IT…buy them out, shut them down. That’s what they’ve done to conservatives for 30+ years and yet I’ve seen NO ONE return the gesture. We don’t take media seriously, nor its power. I am a 40 year conservative media news and entertainment veteran, and to see how the wealthy conservative influencers have tinkered with my profession – the leveraged buyout, oligarch controlled, stuff the money in the pockets and run mentality – it is criminal!

    Free speech got shredded long ago thanks to the worst of business practices: rape it of law and structure, pretend to regulate it into submission, and remove every chance for veteran broadcasters who have been the backbone of common sense and decency to take control of even the smallest elements of the airwaves in order to Make America Great Again. Think: who out there could be of the respect and decency of the late Paul Harvey? Or Marvin Maddoux? Or Lloyd Thaxton? Or Dick Cavett? Only one comes close to mind: Neil Cavuto – who hails from the same county in Rhode Island as I. Guess Providence did grow a few great communicators after all, and those from my past were indeed worthy of honor.

    The rest of the ‘beloved’ are not broadcast grown and raised – so what we get is good advice, or tirade, or fodder…but what a true ‘personality’ does is the fulcrum here, knowing how to balance information and get to the heart of what it conveys. Then, without skipping a beat , said broadcaster takes the information and concisely presents it in the larger view of what it means for community, nation, world…never forgetting the prime reason a TV/Radio talking head exists: for the sake of those seeking truth, especially in relation to our rights, privileges and free exercise of both as a sovereign, decent, purposeful nation.

    Garbage in, garbage out, ma always said. She’s spot on when we look at media today. Too many hotheads. Too much self-importance. Subversives run things, behind the scenes they rape things (and that goes way past ‘claims’ of sexual inappropriateness). And most Americans really don’t care, even applaud it. Garbage like violence for entertainment, cursing for humor, rage for appropriate behavior, gang thuggery for justice. The replacement of history with dogma. And endless fear-mongering. All of it was planned for our downfall, and those of us who have been saying that for 50+ years still haven’t been taken seriously.

    Take a peek at one Bible verse, 2nd Chronicles 7:14. If we just did that truthfully and earnestly we’d be on the right path.