Accuracy in Media

Unfortunately, sexism is allegedly alive and well in Silicon Valley, which is far from a conservative or moderate political atmosphere. CNN did a piece on how sexism is prevalent in the start-up industry in northern California, but neglected to mention that the area is politically liberal and progressive.

More often than not, left-leaning activists claim that their side of the political aisle promotes diversity  among ethnicities, races and gender.

Yet, CNN did not ask the question, why is liberal Silicon Valley too male-dominant, which goes against liberalism’s long-held tenet of diversity? Why are liberal males allegedly sexist in the start-up industry?

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  • mioahu

    How about the movie industry ??? I mean we all know the libs are a bunch of hypocrites … torture is not ok, unless it helps save themselves or a member of their family… death penalty is not ok, unless the person killed their family, money is the root of evil, and rich people are evil…unless they get the money (like Obama, Bernie, the Clintons, Pelosi , etc) … they love taxes, unless they have to pay them (see Kerry avoiding paying taxes on his yacht), they are generous..with other peoples money (all studies suggest conservatives give way more to charity and are way better tippers), they hate people who hate gays and women, unless those people are muslims, then they love them ….gun ownership is not ok, but they own guns and protect their property , or are protected by armed bodyguards … they hate carbon emissions, unless it’s from their own plane which they fly to the climate conference, they love all life…unless it’s of an unborn innocent child, then they say it’s the female body..also, they love science unless the science tells them that there are actually 2 sexes, and the unborn child is NOT the woman’s body, it has a different DNA, is a person and feels pain… they hate religion, unless that religion is islam, they love black people and women, unless they are conservative and then they demonize them calling them uncle toms and bimbos, they hate racism, unless it is against jews, they are not antisemitic, but hate and demonize Israel which is the country that gives most freedom to its arab citizen than any other country in the middle east, they are patriots, but they want to fundamentally transform america (then I wonder what they love about it), you want me to go on ? cause the HYPOCRISY of the LEFTISTS is NEVERENDING

  • samo war