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CNN White House correspondent April Ryan has had her share of sparring sessions with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but her latest one may take the cake — or pie, in this case.

Sanders tweeted a photo of a pecan pie that she claimed to have baked for Thanksgiving, prompting a skeptical reply from Ryan, who couldn’t believe that she could bake such a gorgeous pie.

Sanders promised to bake Ryan a cake to show off her culinary skills.


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  • Alberta Ed

    I’m glad that CNN is sticking to the real issues and ignoring the little stuff like Trump’s legislative achievements, North Korea, Venezuela, the Middle East, Europe, Al Gore’s sexual peccadilloes, etc.

  • imadeplorable

    Yeah, I’m so glad to know about this. I try to stay informed about the important matters.

  • samo war


  • jimrussell

    Just part of the crowd. It just makes her part of the serial lying infected trailer trash Trump
    has brought to his administration. But a minor player compared to the
    over 1,600 documented lies of the world champ pathological proven serial
    lying President since his inauguration..

  • DallasA

    April Ryan is a nut job, not a true journalist. She will use anything to attack the integrity of all things Trump. She is not invited to the WH Christmas Party. Wonder why? Well who wants a grumpy old woman at a party.