Accuracy in Media

CNN’s Chris Cillizza wrote an analysis breaking down three photos from last week’s FBI graduation ceremony, where President Donald Trump gave a speech and sat next to his attorney general, former Alabama U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Cillizza’s analysis is a personal interpretation of three photographs, highlighting how awkward both look in the photos and how the president does not make eye contact with Sessions in any of the photos.

He went on to mention that Trump has been frustrated by Sessions’ tenure at the Department of Justice, which happened earlier this year and rumors alleged that Sessions would be fired shortly. Sessions survived the rumors and remains as Trump’s attorney general.

But Cillizza failed to mention that Sessions was one of the first politicians to declare his support for then-candidate Trump in the GOP primaries, and despite the lack of eye contact, continues to push Trump’s agenda forward.

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  • Chip

    I guess since CNN is nothing but fake news and everyone is starting to see that, they have decided to get into yet another line of reporting. This is one of their best ones yet, photo interpretation. I have some pictures of my dogs barking while looking out the window as people are walking by with their dogs. I wonder if I send them in to CNN if Chris Cillizza can tell me what my dogs are really thinking as they are barking. I would sure like to know the truth and everyone knows that if you want the truth, you turn on CNN!!!!!

  • ataulfus magnus