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Maybe we should give CNN half credit for not only writing about white supremacists and neo-Nazis, after the Charlottesville tragedy where a neo-Nazi sympathizer used a car to kill one woman and injured others, but allegedly reporting in-depth details about Antifa activists.

Antifa, or “anti-fascist,” is the “black bloc” movement which covers their faces and wear black clothing to become anonymous violent protesters.

CNN’s headline read, “Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement: Activists seek peace through violence,” and they interviewed activists who blamed President Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric for their violent activism.

The article noted the violent protests that Antifa participated in, ranging from the anti-Milo Yiannopoulos and anti-Ann Coulter protests at the University of California-Berkeley, destruction of property in Portland, Oregon, to name a few.

But, the article accepted their reasoning to use violence to allegedly promote peace.

So, all in all, it was a half-credit-type effort by CNN to profile Antifa and to appear balanced.

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  • BeagleDawg

    Again CNN shows there ignorance. Violence to promote peace. ANTIFA are nothing but a bunch of thugs that are trying to destroy our country and promote anarchy. The media and CNN are wittingly dupes of the far left and there agenda to transform our country.


    Peace through violence funded by a Nazi is accepted by the liberals as something that is totally normal. This just proves that they are all insane just as we have long suspected.

  • mioahu

    Only leftist idiots can come up with this crap… like saying love trumps hate at a hateful anti trump rally, or saying that killing an innocent unborn is women health issue, or using climate change instead of global warming cause they figured out it’s not warming, stopping people from speaking by violent protests, in the name of free speech, saying they are pro women, and trash conservative women,m saying they are pro minorities and trashi9ng the conservative ones as uncle tom’s and traitors to the race, calling islam a religion of peace when it was the only religion originally created and spread from the very first year by sword, calling for equality and supporting affirmative action, calling for better education and opposing school vouchers, trashing christianity (which led to the only free democratic countries in the world) and embracing islam which led to the most dysfunctional countries where minorities, women and gays have no rights.. i could go on and on for 100 pages with the leftist stupidity and the liberals who are the lefts useful idiots … i really wonder how can anybody be this dumb and hypocritical

  • Orwellian Newspeak.
    Trump Derangement Syndrome:

    Trigger warnings may soon be required before concerts:

    “CAUTION: This orchestral performance may contain trumpet music.>

    Check out this piece before it is banned:

  • Da_VOOM

    Civil war seems inevitable.