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Jen Psaki, a former Obama State Department spokeswoman and former White House communications director, wrote an op-ed for CNN that criticized President Donald Trump. Her piece was entitled, “Putin set a trap and Trump fell into it” and claimed that Trump was “played” by the Russians and Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin.

If Obama was so great, then why didn’t the famed “Russia reset” actually work under Obama?

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  • Bertharina Rina

    Another SICK, demented and stupid TRAVESTY here in this narco-kleptocracy, this illegal POLICE-STATE.government.
    I am here to tell you that absolutely NOT ONE OF THESE SIMPLEMINDED MORONS has ANY business whatsoever forcing their abysmally deranged, thoroughly ignorant, abhorrently dictatorial and downright dangerous policies down the throats of ANYONE, particularly those with mental illness.
    Just because the small-minded “family members” and equally dumb”society” members cannot even hope to grasp concepts that are different or contrary to their own [delusions] thus cannot comprehend ANYTHING that does not “fit” neatly into their own narrow confines and pedestrian little minds, it is their total ignorance and staggering stupidity that is IN FACT and IN DEED the DANGER.

    NO ONE, including and especially the misinformed “family members,” NOR these ignorant government flunkies, have ANY business dictating medicine or policy or laws or anything else. They are so stupid that it’s INSANE.

    All of you who are all so profoundly misinformed and so shallow and dumb, are indeed the WORST OFFENDERS, forever quid nunc busybodies crusading and proselytizing about topics that they’ll NEVER EVER UNDERSTAND OR GRASP because they are too profoundly dumb.

    YOU and THEY work directly against those with mental illness!!!!! It’s OBSCENE and it’s also quite Nazi-like in it’s utter barbarity.

    By the way, for your information, most of the $100 million per year so-called Mental Health Budget goes straight into the pockets of the overpaid corporate administrators and the overpaid pseudo-doctors, who are control freak idiots, within the bloated and annually failing Mental Health Services Department; The countless overpaid administrators have absolutely no connection to anything remotely involving mental health or “Mental Wellness.” They are nothing but unskilled corporate flunkies who have NO BUSINESS whatsoever working and making decisions in this critical field; In fact, most have no business working with human beings period.

    The other significant portion of the $100 million per year tax-payer funded budget is not merely just poured down a veritable RATHOLE, wasted on the same tired and totally failed policies and programs that have been continually reported and documented as TOTAL and ABJECT FAILURE, year after year after year, thus leaving the poor mentally ill untreated or forever distrusting of the self-important brainless idiots who run the “Mental Health Services” department, AND not a single one of these FAILURES working within EVER lose their jobs…for their consistent records of unbelievable incompetence and outright ignorance.

    No, It’s far worse than just bumbling incompetence, base ignorance, stupid arrogance, abuse of authority and outright misfeasance, it is criminal negligence of the highest magnitude belied by the sheer level of the abysmal and total FAILURE of this entire so-called Mental Health Services “system,” whose SOLE raison d’être, by the way, is to TREAT the mentally ill!! In reality and in actuality, this travesty, this FAILED system is in FACT and IN DEED, KILLING the mentally ill.


    Also, is this PRISON that’s been built specially for the MENTALLY ILL, is this PRISON yet another shining example of our barbaric, medieval and twisted society’s “progress” and “understanding” and furtherance of our humanity?? PRISON??

    How very typical of IDIOT-America and, as with so many other ignorant policies, what a disgusting, shameful, backwardly ignorant and thoroughly reprehensible use of [MY] TAX DOLLARS.

    Any calls to “reduce the stigma” of mental illness is blatantly hypocritical and slammed and disregarded and routinely contradicted with every piece of legislation and every policy enacted regarding Mental Illness, which belies the astounding level of sheer ignorance and total depravity, coupled with the ongoing incessant scapegoating of those with mental illness, all of which CRIMINALIZES mental illness; And with more barbaric policies and unspeakably inhuman treatment of those with mental illness, the situation will only continue to grow worse because the average human is too damned stupid and misinformed to comprehend anything, let alone complex thoughts and ideas.

    All of you should be in PRISON for your complicity in these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

  • searchingfortruth

    I read Psaki’s article and I am still wondering what was that “trap”? It is a nothing article. There are many more important issues than the “Russian hacking hysteria”. The only worthwhile passages were on her assessment of Lavrov and his handling of Russian diplomacy. Maybe her article is not about trapping Trump as about looking for a job with CNN? She signaled that she will do whatever they want her to do.