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CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, a constant critic of President Donald Trump, tweeted (i.e. posted on a social media network) about what the Trump administration is going to do to keep Texans safe:

In other words, Acosta appears to be unsure if the President will do anything to prevent a Hurricane Katrina-like disaster from happening to Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey.

It is unclear whether Acosta took a similar position during the Obama administration.

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  • mioahu

    PLEASE.. why, cause it’s in Texas, and he wants to get rid of all those conservatives who voted for him ? What a bunch of low lives idiotic opinion peddlers

  • Tannim

    Maybe this is Texas’s problem and not Washington’s?

  • The Texan

    Perhaps Acosta should try something new, like reporting
    the facts and keeping his speculations to himself.

  • flamingolady

    Who left the bag of idiots open?

  • Marilynn Reeves

    My question is what has Acosta done to help?

  • gmm777

    Acosta is a hack, non reporter, yellow, worthless piece of garbage. Keeping the fire stoked. The hate builds against him and others in the MSM.

  • Nancy Ziegler

    It’s not only fake news it’s fake people.

  • who_dat

    If I recall correctly, the Mayor didn’t want to evacuate. Sound familiar to Katrina? Liberals have a way of trying to place blame on others for EVERYTHING. People are wising up.

  • bhagawan

    Idiot and crook Acosta along with the a$$hole Blitzer should try to make an honest living instead of throwing abuse and insults non-stop at Trump! Where were these idiots when Obama was destroying America for 8 years and who faked his US birth taking 2.5 years to produce a photo-shopped BC that his half-brother Malik challenged by posting his Kenya-issued BC?

  • Gregg Jensen

    Acosta has exposed his pro-illegal immigrant bias which affects and taints EVERYTHING he says, thinks, and reports.

    The White House should ban him and those of us seeking information, not someone’s opinion, should ignore him. Just Like Ramos.

  • regulus30

    CNN has an “opinion” that is like bungholes,”everyone has one and they all stink”.

  • regulus30

    Trump has made a fool out of Acosta and CNN, but they are still spreading lies and half truths; they are preaching to THEIR CHOIR. ALSO NYT has been documented to have published at least [5] five untruths about Trump and Charlottesville.

  • John Higgins

    I think Acosta should put a sock in his fake news mouth and put on some waist high waders and take his fake news camera down to south Texas and see what lies he can fabricate for all of us and maybe just maybe his ass will get wet enough to learn the truth.

  • LT714RET

    Since when did Texans need a President to keep us safe?

  • Chief Tain

    Acosta is one of those who are never Trumpers. Can’t do anything to change his mind.

  • Trice Cald

    …and what questions did Ole jimbo have of the mayor??? Pres. Trump has done a superb job! In fact, I am surprised he has been able to be so successful. Thanks be to God.

  • Gay Phillips

    This time the mayor might have been correct. There just is no way to evacuate several million people. The mayor was totally wrong on Katrina. That could have been done. Have a relative in Houston who did leave 2 days before hurricane came ashore and is safe.

  • Lajos Markos

    who dat your comment is dumb i back the mayor he did the right thing
    who are you going to evec : 6.5 million people two days you finger it out

  • Lajos Markos

    like your profile you were it good

  • Morgan_Said

    Trump has set up his organization with good people and it almost runs itself. I’ve never seen so many parts of an administration run so smoothly. Nor have I seen a president so energetic and involved. I like the way he keeps pressing Congress to do it’s job. It’s really quite simple.; they will have to follow his lead or they all will be on the street. Can’t figure why they don’t get it yet?

  • Morgan_Said

    What I would like to see would be for FOX or someone to poll the public to identify the people (in both parties) that are members of the SWAMP! Based on the numbers that come up, they could then rank them as playing cards, as they did during the Iraq war. For my money John Kasich would be the Ace of Spades!

  • fiorimagliulo

    Maybe Acosta should try something new like quitting his job and taking up fishing, because he sure as hell is a lousy reporter.

  • fiorimagliulo

    It looks like Acosta has had his head up his ass for the past week, otherwise he would know what the administration has been doing to help hurricane victims. A hell of a lot.