Accuracy in Media

CNN parroted some scientists’ claims that climate change/global warming caused flooding in a vault which keeps plant seeds, in case a species of seed becomes extinct. However, CNN omitted that there is some minimal flooding every year, since the facility is built in a way where the permafrost melts and leaks into the entrance of the facility.

Come on, CNN.

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  • mioahu

    Of course it was global warming, that’s what causes ISIS and terrorism too, right ? But wait, there was no warming in the past 10 tears or so, and most reports to the contrary are lies, and were faked by agencies led by Obama appointees, so we’ll call it climate change and blame EVERYTHING on it. Probably all the terrorists suffer from heat exhaustion and induced hallucinations of virgins in heaven…the left is so pathetic i would laugh if it would not be so sad, all these people working hard for the destruction of their western culture and society