Accuracy in Media

Climate change alarmism at its best (or worst, depending on your view) at CNN, where a social justice and climate change writer wrote about how the Larson C ice shelf separation from Antarctica should alarm the normal person.

Too bad that scientists do not have definitive proof of whether climate change led to the separation of the Larson C shelf from the icy continent. All they can say is conjecture, at best.

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  • efred1

    More fake news from a fake news source.

  • mioahu

    The thing is, the news says that “it is ONE of the largest separations” …. which means there were bigger ones before 🙂 …
    Exactly like when they say it’s the hottest year in 50 years… which means that 50 years ago it was hotter :-)……spin, spin, spin, lie lie lie, deceive deceive … what a scam, CNN and the pathetic lying left…. leftist Women in Europe don’t report rapes done by muslim immigrants, or lie about the perpetrators saying they were white, just so they promote their leftist narrative …can you imagine the level of brainwashing that exists on the left ? Lie about your own rape to sustain your leftist narrative ? disgusting