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CNN quoted several anonymous staffers at Fox News, a rival network and ratings leader, in an article about how Fox News staffers are unhappy about the network’s allegedly unbalanced news coverage.

The staffers’ concerns are that the executives are not fairly covering the recent indictment of President Donald Trump’s former campaign staffers, ranging from former campaign manager Paul Manafort to a foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos to associate Rick Gates.

CNN said that these staffers could not be quoted and sourced as their network did not authorize them to speak publicly on behalf of Fox News.

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  • samo war
  • samo war

    world is only sick lucifer simulation ??

  • RNHou

    The largest single problem with the main stream media is that they are basically dishonest. About 90% of their stories are lies. This cock and bull story is no exception. You can’t trust these people.

  • LJP

    CNN America’s Source for Un-Named Sources

  • bob

    Well if CNN CAN’T name the sources @ Fox News then
    ” ANONYMOUS ” according to Google, means ” a person unknown “. So if that person is unknown, he or she can me a fictitious or made up person who really doesn’t exist. The anonymous person could be only in the mind of the person making up the story, who in their own demented mind wishes it were true but isn’t.

  • Ray

    Does CNN ever use any real sources? Always these unbelievable stories using unnamed sources.
    If you can’t get the people to go on record with their name Don’t Print It!
    Nobody believes you! You are Not the National Enquirer

  • gobrien

    If Fox complains about anything, it’s the MSM’s LACK of coverage when it comes to anything bad about a dem, lib, hitlery or obama. Fox calls it biased omission which is just as bad as making up stuff. Most on the left know nothing about about hitlery taking over the DNC a year before she was the nominee, that obama left the DNC $24M in debt, that hitlery took all the donations to the DNC for herself and didn’t help any of the down ballot races, that she paid for the lie filled ‘dossier’ from Russian agents, that we import most of our uranium but she sold 1/5th of ours to those NASTY Russians for $145M to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation and $500K to Bill for a speech to Putin’s Russian bankers — and Bill met with Putin afterwards, etc., etc., etc. Bet none of them know about the on-going Menendez trial.

  • John Higgins

    So the Clinton News Network isn’t happy. Well, most deceivers I know never are.

  • LJ

    Yeah, right. We REALLLLLLY believe this. Not. Plenty of negative news is being covered by the lame stream media. They don’t need Fox abandoning their standard of covering the neglected “other side of the story”. In fact, the recent indictments still have NOTHING to do with Russia or collusion, although apparently there was plenty of collusion on the part of Clinton and the DEMS. Time for Mueller the weasel to step down. If a third rate volunteer is the biggest mouse he could trap, he is wasting our tax dollars. Although as a heavy DEM donor, I am certain he will threaten some nobody with jail time in order to gather fictional “evidence” against the Trump campaign. Well folks, ready for the next civil war??

  • Elizabeth

    Unnamed sources- because they are FAKE!

  • Gabbyone

    I have seen these stories covered along with many others on Fox. CNN seems to be a one note station where the stories that are Trump related dominate. Maybe these Fox leakers should apply to CNN for a position.

  • gmm777

    Dishonest CNN putting out BS…the one thing that they excel at…

  • Allen Wood

    So, what else is new at Communist News Network?

  • Michael Loots

    Who trusts anything CNN says when they won’t name their source.

  • ann

    Well why don’t they go work for CNN.. Where truth is never talked about. Be sure to read Donna’s book, wasn’t it your station that gave her answers to questions, to be passed on to Hillary. LOL

  • ric moriarity

    Now if you fall for that, I got a real good deal on a Network and I’ll throw in TBS too, located in Georgia and it’s going for pennies on the dollar.

  • Galen Steeg

    I’m with you. It’s unfortunate, even though not surprising, that crickets come out w/ the revelations of Hillary, DNC, Obama’s, et al, & real sources, they still want to find a gnat’s ass worth of collusion that occurred w/ DJT. How long has the election been over? Let the Man do the things he was voted in to do, do it. He is thank God. But the lack of integrity will continue & the MSM will serve up opinions & lies all backed up by unnamed sources. But you, and I know what’s going on. But as long as there are ppl who listen to this from the group of Sheeple in this country, we’ll have to deal with it. Bottom line , it’s sad but we don’t have a crook in the WH.