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In a recent analysis, CNN’s Stephen Collinson questioned the competency of President Donald Trump for his continued comments about North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un.

According to the author, President Trump’s rhetoric is a stark contrast to his predecessor, Barack Obama, and is more aggressive than many past presidential administrations:

In normal times, it would be a concern that the President is conducting himself in a manner so at odds with the decorum and propriety associated for over two centuries with the office he holds.
It appears that the author is correct in his assessment, but he used this opinion as a launching point to question the President’s competency:

Donald Trump potentially has millions of lives in his hands as the threat of a devastating war with North Korea swiftly escalates.

However, during a search of CNN’s online archives, there was no similar piece calling into question former President Barack Obama’s competency in foreign policy or domestic affairs, ranging from the disastrous rollout of Obamacare, the Iran deal, Syrian civil war and Obama’s declared “red line” that never came to fruition, to name a few examples.

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  • samo war
  • IronChefSandwiches

    Maybe that’s because Obama competently ran the administration and Trump is a blithering idiot and malignant narcissist? Ya think?

  • Robert Hall

    Trump got elected because of The Apprentice where he fired people for their incompetence. Today with all of the unions you can’t fire anyone. People are sick of that.

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