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More than a year late, CNN published an analysis that tried to answer one question: What if Bernie Sanders had a fair shot to compete in the Democratic Party primary in the 2016 election cycle?

CNN analyzed the issue because of a recent excerpt published by former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman and Clinton surrogate Donna Brazile, who claimed it was not her fault for a rigged primary against Bernie Sanders. Brazile failed to mention she leaked CNN debate questions to the Clinton campaign and was fired from CNN for the leaks.

The analysis concluded Bernie Sanders would not have won the nomination because Clinton dominated the party’s primaries across the nation, with Sanders having only 47 superdelegates to Clinton’s 602.

The analysis did not include the concept of a superdelegate, where a group of delegates chooses the nominee and it may not have been based on primary results.

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  • samo war
  • Mike S.

    I’m so sick of all this “poor Bernie” garbage. He is a Communist, Lenin-loving useful idiot who is in office only because his Marxist comrades from abroad have rigged elections easily due to Vermont’s small population (along with Biden and Chafee in Rhode Island, among other eastern seaboard states) and its proximity to socialist-riddled Montreal. So tell Bernie and his partner-in-crime in the Senate, Patrick Leahy, to resign if they truly want open, honest election results.

  • John Higgins

    We have never had or are we likely to have a Jesus Christ nominee or President. However if we did have Jesus he would probably again be crucified.Bernie was too far to the left but, he had some good ideas, Trump is not Mr. personality but he wants what is needed and is best for America. Conversely, how could Hillary even be considered. She is such a disgrace to our American character..

  • gobrien

    What a waste of time to include the rigged Super delegates in their analysis. The delegates, super or not, should have been awarded to the winner of that State. Where’s the Class Action lawsuit against the DNC for those who donated to the DNC and were Bernie supporters?