Accuracy in Media

This is the liberal media’s new narrative: President Barack Obama left a strong economy behind for President Donald Trump to enjoy. At least, that’s what a CNN Money article said:

By contrast, Obama handed Trump an economy that was close to what economists consider full employment. The unemployment rate on Inauguration Day was 4.8%, and it has fallen since then, to 4.4% in June…

In fact, if Obama left a problem for Trump, it wasn’t that the economy was too weak — it was that the labor market was almost too strong. Employers would probably be hiring faster if they weren’t having so much trouble finding the workers they need.

Well, if the economy was so strong, then how did Trump’s populist, pro-jobs agenda win over blue collar Democratic voters?

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  • Mike S.

    Tell that to the coal miners among many other groups that were targets of the Obama administration’s hate America campaign. There are lies, damn lies, statistics and then there are the Democrats.

  • Steven Dietrich

    $20,000,000,000,000 (trillion) in debt.

  • Lee Sargeant

    Ok ok now – let us redefine the word ‘strong economy’ in a libturd/moslem lingo… there are even more illegals in our country sucking off of our welfare system, moslems – especially members of the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated even more so and some are now running for mayors and governors. I am sure some are in other spots of government and also lawyers and judges. And some states are tightening the grip of weapon ownership (similar to pre-WWII days – the ‘slow death grip’ to eventually stop gun ownership) so we obey sharia laws, and he freed many a violent jihadist to carry on their violent jihad in many areas around the world.

    That is libturd/moslem ‘strong economy’ ‘progress’ and a really good thing in their lingo.