Accuracy in Media

The Los Angeles Times covered the pro-Trump rally, scheduled in Berkeley, California, and pointed out that 21 people were arrested after fights broke out between Trump supporters and the anarchist ‘black bloc’ agitators who showed up at the rally to counter-protest.

The Times article did not mention that it was the same ‘black bloc’ agitators who disrupted a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos at Cal-Berkeley, destroying ATMs in the process and causing at least six figures in damages.

CNN’s write-up did not mention the black bloc agitators’ role in the violence, both at Cal-Berkeley, at a previous pro-Trump rally in March in Berkeley, and at the rally this past weekend.

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  • Janice

    Thank you for info MSM refuses to report. This is definitely not fake news. Are these the same anarchists-agitators who protested/disrupted Trump’s 2016 campaign rallies, held massive post- election outrage demonstrations? Berkeley is a hot bed of violent anti-Trump/Conservative bias. These disruptive, violent demonstrations are the result of enraged Democrat leadership and activist organizers encouraging its base to “stand up, speak out, resist, get in the streets and in their faces to push back against the Trump agenda”.

    With or without the presence of Trump supporters…their lawless Anti-Trump behavior continues, has become more organized and is escalating. These so-called “black bloc” agitators resemble ISIS fighters. They are organized, masked, wearing all black and armed with pepper spray, projectiles, sticks. They’ve become domestic terrorists creating chaos and mayhem while law enforcement stands by. Like radical Islamic Muslims/terrorists in Europe…wherever and whenever these enraged American Democrat dissidents-anarchists-extremists disagree or object they create chaos, mayhem. In effect they are imposing “No Go-No Free Speech Zones”.

    This is NOT what American democracy looks like. It is they who are behaving like Fascists, Nazi Brown Shirt -Storm Troopers and suppressing the rights and freedoms of people. Not Trump or his supporters. . They create their own version of Kristallnacht by rampaging, destroying and trashing whatever is in their path. Their behavior resemble third world rioters in violent rebellion against brutal dictators. Their violent protests are like the racist mobs who attacked Civil Rights marchers, school buses, blocked school integration, bombed/burned churches and worse.

    The angry, enraged, violent protesters/demonstrators and their Democratic leadership have it twisted. Their venom is misdirected. These young anarchists are part of the millions of Democrat No Shows and MIAs at the November voting booths. Obama told them “elections have consequences”. He told them “Don’t boo…Vote” but they didn’t listen. They now want a “do-over American Spring”.

    Theirs is the face of violence, extremism and anarchy repeatedly shown by MSM. Thank MSM for providing a media platform that vividly identifies some elements/factions threatening to destroy our country from within. No fakery here.

  • Mark Wynn

    Will the peaceful demonstrators please take one step forward … not you, black pajama-clad criminals in ski-masks assaulting people and destroying property ….