Accuracy in Media

CNN may be running out of anti-Trump material to publish, especially since they are hyping the results of a Kansas special election that was not really narrow. The Republican candidate, Ron Estes, won the election and replaced former congressman Mike Pompeo (who now works in the Trump administration as the CIA director).

The Daily Signal reported that Estes won by 53% to his challenger’s 45%. Did the CNN analysis give the percentages? No, yet it called 8% a “narrow” victory for the GOP because Trump’s margin of victory in that district was overwhelming.

CNN said it could be a warning sign of the 2018 midterm elections, which are over a year and a half away from now. Yet, in the article, CNN admitted that this cannot be a good predictor of the 2018 elections.

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  • MonadnockMan

    Perfect because clinton news network still holds up to the standards of “huh” reporting!

  • Jscott Sarrio

    Hahaha. Stupid CNN. They’ve been proving wrong so many times, they have no credibility.

  • 2behonest

    Yea right CNN true bastion of truth justice and the Un-American way

  • Sooner or later “Fake News” danger to public knowledge will get the FCC’s attention. There needs to be a guaranteed level of confidence practiced by entities that enjoy the umbrella (right of usage) provided by the FCC.

  • Idle Gossip rarely, if ever, qualifies as Guaranteed News

  • Being careless with the truth is what gave us 8 years of decadence, backsliding, horrible national debt and a worthless health insurance scheme, all perpetrated by Obama. Chief culprit is Nancy Pelosi who personally stated early on 2008, without any vetting or patriotic consideration, that Obama is a “Natural-Born” USA Citizen despite that his father was a foreign national, NEVER a USA citizen, and that he had no authentic Birth Certificate, only a Certificate of Natural Birth (which can be created by anyone after his birth and without the witnessing of the attending doctor or midwife) . Obama’s Birth remains uncertain. His personal history through all his advanced education remains a mystery; he might have passed himself off as foreign student “Barry Soetero”
    to obtain financial aid during that period. Nobody knows for sure. What a crock!

  • Jerry Del Vecchio

    OMG…gotta revisit election results but it seems to me that 8% is a pretty wide margin even with the error factor. Leave it to the MSM to spin it towards an anti-Trump outcome. Oh well.

  • coconuisse

    If the leftists plan to promote stone-ass crooks again for the 2018 election, perhaps they need to redouble their efforts to brainwash the potential voters in order to make their candidates palatable.

  • coconuisse

    Then why are the leftists churning out an increased amount of it?

  • coconuisse

    You are, of course, relying on the premise that the FCC is not already heavily infested with “fake news” supporters!

  • Ima Barber

    I wish President Trump would uncover all the stuff he went to great lengths to hide! I still believe he is a muslem.