Accuracy in Media

The war in Afghanistan has been ongoing since the administration of then-President George W. Bush, who made a case for invading Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban regime in that country. However, his successor, Barack Obama, campaigned on ending the war and withdrawing from the country.

Obama did not fulfill that campaign promise, instead kicking the can down the road for President Donald Trump. Politico called the inability to end America’s involvement in Afghanistan his “sorriest legacy.”

CNN claimed that Trump “learns winning is not so easy” once he became president, after he campaigned on ending America’s involvement in Afghanistan. Although that may be true, it is an opinion by the CNN writer. Also, the writer could only suggest that Trump’s plans “hardly seem sufficiently sweeping to unlock the victory.”

Sounds like a lot of rhetoric, right?

Trump’s policy changes involve not announcing a timetable for withdrawal and not detailing troop numbers, which goes contrary to the Obama administration’s Afghanistan strategy.

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  • PursueJustice

    It seems that not only is liberalism is a mental disorder, but liberals also suffer from dementia.

  • Zafar Ahmed

    The 150,000 army personnel could not achieve much in 10 + years and now 4000 additional army personnel will have negligible impact. Failures of Afghan war is not due to Pakistan as it has recently cleared the 5000 sq km area in North/ south Waziristan between 2014- 2017, a very difficult mountainous rugged location, naturally camouflaged, which was a huge residential and training areas of terrorists for the last 40 years. The failures are due to huge corruption in civilian and as well as in military establishments and defection of Afghan soldiers, selling arms in open market, even sophisticated supplied arms are available in closed markets in Kabul and around. The Afghan Taliban are already controlling 40 % of country as no policy what to do by Afghan Govt. Most of the professional people, teachers, Engineers, technicians already left the country due to short term policies and lack of decisions.The 15 Indian Councillor offices/ training sites along Pak are freely working for proxy war with the Pakistan as NDS and Raw J/V, Planning/fighting/spying/ causing unrest on behalf of Indians with connivance of others present in Afghanistan. This all going on through, in shape of Taliban, Afghan refugees, visitors resulting killing of 60,000 innocent Pakistanis in the last 15 years. The unrest caused huge economic losses, closing of production units, mills and Emigration of thousands of Pakistanis to other countries. The blame game will not solve the problem until all tribal elders, Taliban, ethnic and sectarian groups in Afghanistan are consulted are made of part of solution with the confidence of bordering countries who are bearing the load of millions of refugees fro the last 40 years. The thorough reconciliations, communication, reconstruction of infrastructures damaged in last 40 years of wars, education and health to be improved for long term political settlement.