Accuracy in Media

It is interesting to choose to feature an article by a non-Christian on CNN during the Easter season to specifically discuss the parables from the Bible.

It’s not that the author is not a legitimate source; the author is a professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt University.

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  • tkrepel

    AIM quotes right-wing non-Muslims who smear Islam on a regular basis. Why don’t you see that as a similar problem?

  • Marissa Altman

    AIM reports the truth, CNN does not. There is a big difference. When 75% of Christians believe apostasy warrants execution or support forced dawah, then your comment would be relevant and not just a false equivalence. It is well known that Muslims and non-Muslims alike are concerned about the Salafi influence that pervades Islamic thought today. (No thanks to Saudi funding of wahhabist mosques and madrassas.) The criticism is directed toward the barbaric practices, not attacking the belief in God.

    In contrast, CNN likes to march out pseudo-theologians that present watered-down, religious views to reinforce its liberal agenda. It is not an attack on some barbaric practice, but on religion. You first need to know a little about Amy Jill Levine. She considers the Tanakh (Old Testament) a mere collection of myths. She doesn’t believe in Abraham, Moses or David, yet claims to be an Orthodox Jew!
    As to Christianity, she has a clear agenda to reinterpret the parables to pass off a version of a Jesus that was not critical of the harsh and hypocritical Jewish practices of the time. She avoids his key role and seems to hope Christians do as well. (Note: There are many well weitten critiques of Levine’s opinions so I will not take the time here.) In any event, it was inappropriate for CNN to choose to post a controversial professor’s article during Christianity’s holiest week.

  • Arthur Werry

    The irony of a website promoting accuracy in “media” in an article about the teachings of Jesus using the image of a hymnal instead of a Bible. What?? 🙂

  • tkrepel

    Any organization that promotes a fabulist and charlatan like Joel Gilbert, like AIM has over the past several years, is not trustworthy.