Accuracy in Media

Mark Cuban, a vocal supporter of losing Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, went on CNN with Jake Tapper and criticized President Donald Trump over the lack of leadership skills.

Everyone knows anti-Trump types will not support President Trump, so how is this newsworthy?

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  • Mesa Mike

    Cuban is a Nancy boy asshole with a lot of inherited money who is promoted by the CPUSA. He should be charged with treason and convicted swiftly so he can be sent to Cuba, to Guantanamo Bay, where he can be a cellmate eventually with Obama.

  • John Frings

    Please go away…All you have is a Basketball team Trump has the whole Nations to run…Why are you so jealous of our President??

  • Spots_On_Tongue

    I was a few doors down in the dorm from Cuban. There is no way he can do national politics, based on his behavior. an idiot below thinks Cuban inherited money. He did not. He is a very very smart business person. He sees the vast vacuum in the democrat party, and its wide open. I am dissapointed with his globalist first belief. I have always followed Marc.