Accuracy in Media

CNN published a recent fact-check of President Trump’s press secretary Sarah Sanders and her claims regarding her boss’s achievements and successes.

CNN admitted that Sanders was correct in her assertions regarding job creation — though CNN disputed the time frame and claimed the Trump White House was fudging the data by including Obama’s statistics. She was also right about defeating ISIS and pushing the unemployment rate to a 16-year-low.

Did CNN fact check Obama’s press secretaries Jay Carney and Josh Earnest?

The answer is no, as they have not fact checked either of Obama’s press secretaries.

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  • Warren Rust

    Any form of argument where the conclusion is assumed in one of the premises. Many people use the phrase “begging the question” incorrectly when they use it to mean, “prompts one to ask the question”. That is NOT the correct usage. Begging the question is a form of circular reasoning.

  • Douglas Archer

    Of course they did fact check all the prior administrations. It is just that with the frequency of false facts from our current administration, the practice of reporting these has become standard, with often a fairly standard format. The general assumption is that nothing said by this administration is true, until it is verified by a respectable source.

  • Douglas Archer

    Republicans HATE that Obama (who they already hated for other reasons) ran an effectively scandal free administration. The best they can do is attack Hillary, who is only vulnerable because the Republicans have spent decades building the meme that Hillary is guilty of SOMETHING, they just can never seem to prove anything.

  • Marc Anthony

    The fact that you’re serious about Obama having an effective scandal free admin and Hillary not being guilty of anything leads me to believe that you’re interest in justice and moral accountability is ether pathological selectiveness or deliberate ignorance. Both of which are sociopathic.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Joseph Stalin was scandal free until his departure.