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CNN did an estimate about what the “sanctuary cities” will have to lose, financially, if the Trump administration were to toughen their stance on withholding federal funding from “sanctuary cities.”

Here’s what CNN estimated:

  1. Seattle: $276 million
  2. New York City: $53 million
  3. Chicago: $3 billion
  4. Philadelphia: $26 million
  5. Los Angeles: $500 million

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  • sox83cubs84

    These Communist Democrap mayors all deserve it.

  • John Sprinklebumj

    Failure to follow immigration laws have consequences. If these sanctuary cities persist, they should lose federal funds. It seems like a lot of mayors, groups and individuals have a hard time obeying laws, and only follow the ones that are expedient to their misguided narratives.

  • anne stromberg

    cut their dollars. They must obey the laws.

  • cathylovesyou

    They want to protect thugs over real American Citizens, they can make do with less money to give away.
    Democrats don’t spend, nor donate, they give away other peoples money to benefit themselves. Phony’s.

  • Vicki Kuner Mattingly

    cut the money i.m sick of the left doing what ever they want!!!!!!

  • Marcia Fridland

    Use the money intended for sanctuary cities to help build the wall.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    I don’t know why the Feds play these games the second an elected official says that they will not enforce a Federal law that is already on the books. They should be locked up in a Federal prison in general population. Without bond until they decide to follow the law and shall be fined out of their own pocket. Any Judge, Sherriff or Police figure be brought up on charges and fired with forfeiture of pension if found guilty! All of these people swear an oath to uphold the law!!! HOLD THEM TO IT! Other wise they are above the law and that would put them above the office of the President who is trying to enforce the law! We simply can’t have that…

  • Graywolf12

    Look at those numbers!!! what does Chicago need 3 BILLION dollars a year for. Corruption. It is time all this give away was audited and we stop paying the DNC, and corrupt politicians. It is past due time to fire politicians and elect business people that know the value of a dollar.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    Punishing an entire population for the actions of a corrupt elected official is wrong go after the real law breaker the Politico gangster whose too big for his britches!

  • American ex-Pat

    Excellent! Add that money to ‘El Chapo’s’ drug money that Texas’ Senator Cruz wants to grab and that will just about pay for the ‘Wall’. What say you CNN & Democrats, does that translate to Mexico partially or completely paying for President Trump’s ‘Great Wall’?

  • Skyhawk

    More money for the wall..

  • Skyhawk

    Maybe f if the citizens are awakened, they will take care of the situation Get rid of all of their anti_American politicians.

  • BobInBpt

    Well that’s up to those cities isn’t it? They don’t have to continue in their lawless attitude of keeping ICE from doing it’s CONSTITUTIONAL JOB !!!!!! We have immigration laws in place in this nation and they need to be enforced. Anyone in opposition to that is aiding and abetting criminals and should be prosecuted.

  • Jjc

    Same with the liberal judge who has stopped the executive order can another judge overturn his decision? Hopefully ag Sessions will explore every legal opportunity and how quickly are they trying to move this to the supreme court? Hopefully our president will continue to charge full speed ahead, and not debate the godless democrats, we must mobilize for 2018 elections we must give our president the MAJORITY in the Senate so he can implement his promise without hinderance from the democrats!!

  • Jon Entledigen

    Actually, there is no way the this judge can stop the withholding of discretionary federal funding to cities that are breaking the law, and he acknowledges that. The law allowing the withholding of this type of funding is quite clear, and his ruling did not cite any legal precedent or reason to counter it. It was just political grandstanding to get attention. And, of course, our illustrious media didn’t report the truth about what the judge actually accomplished, which was nothing!

  • El Tejas

    No doubt all that money could be put to better use elsewhere.

  • Little wonder the leaders of these cities scofflaw traitors. The mother’s milk of politics has been showered on them to the point of addiction. Cold turkey! Time they get back to work in serving their citizens.

  • “The Eastern Diamondback”

    NO! Billions to lose due to WILLFUL noncompliance with federal policy.

  • David S. McQueen

    I will accept federal money ($3 million) and allow an illegal female alien model to live with me. Why should politicians get all the money?

  • David S. McQueen

    That’s the trick. The media wants people all riled up, so it won’t tell the public that the judge (Orrick) can’t stop Trump from enforcing or complying with federal law. People wouldn’t watch if the media told the whole story.

  • David S. McQueen

    How much of that money goes into Rahm Emmanuel’s pocket, in his off-shore bank account?

  • spadesspouse

    Wonder why Chicago has such a huge amount. Maybe the previous president had something to do with the amount.

  • UStinman

    CNN BS ! Not a policy ! He’s ENFORCING the LAW !!! (novel concept) Obama created POLICY, for every LAW that he ignored for, “he’s people” special interest , to control an change
    our culture. Time to prosecute mayors, governor’s for aiding illegals.

  • Jjc

    Thanks for making it clear! Hopefully our president as usual will charge full speed ahead and call their liberal bluff!!

  • Mike_E_V

    The headline speaks volumes. Mr.Trump did not invent immigration law he is only making it a requirement that the laws be enforced. CNN couldn’t get any story involving Mr. Trump correct as they believe it is their patriotic duty to mislead the public about anything coming from the Republican side of the isle. CNN=BS. In 1974, the POTUS reduced speed limits to 55 nationwide. No compliance meant losing Federal highway funds. We all drove 55 for quite a few years. This is no different.

  • Colorado_Patriot60

    The communist cliton news has done a study? Which of their clown college graduate took 5 minutes out of their race baiting, hate mongering, pervert pushing day.

  • dneth2

    That’s the whole point !! Obey the law and the cities won’t lose the money!

  • patriot1789

    That would be great IF they were actually violating the law.

  • Vince

    Good let them get it from the criminals they are hiding

  • wellilltellya

    How Pathetic that sancuary B.S. is baiting the criminals in ? and we the people are paying for them when they get here ? every one of them gets every handout our country has for the citizens, not every degenerate that can RUN, JUMP, or SWIM to get here. so they can finish what barry the fairy started? suck our intitlement programs DRY along with the cities they have overwhelmed with IMMIGRANTS!

  • ChicagoThunder1

    Oh but the freebies I forgot.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    Well the District of Columbia is not considered a state in fact for the longest time it was the only place in the United States where the military could be called up to defend it. However I’m not so sure about that today with the Patriot act that G.W. pushed through. Tell the Feds that you don’t have to pay federal taxes and you will end up locked up like Capone.

  • patriot1789

    The aforementioned definition of state was quoted exactly to show that none of the several States are included in the definition of state in the law.

    I am simply pointing out that a law must define it’s area of authority. Congress is not supposed to have authority over the several States except where the several States have delegated such authority.

    Accepting federal funds only obligate the recipient as stated by the law. If the legislation authorizing the funding specifies certain obligations by the recipient, the Executive branch may not enhance them.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    If a State that belongs to a the country receives Federal funds for any reason what so ever the entire State cities included fall under Federal jurisdiction. First the State must vote to remove itself from the country and create it’s own charter as it’s own country. Then it can claim to be a sanctuary state. Then the city would have to do the same thing to the state in order to claim to be a Sanctuary City so as to not fall under State laws. It would be the disassembly of the nation like history in reverse. Every State is a corporate member of the country everything is incorporated even unincorporated counties fall under the jurisdiction of the State they can’t become disassociated because the Start boarders encompass them. In order to do that another country would need to own every inch of ground within the city limits and declare it to be theirs China is pretty much trying to do just that but until and if that ever happens No City can ever claim to be a sanctuary City. What these Mayors are trying to do is get the President to declare Martial law to turn the people against him when all he has to do is twist their arms a little and hold then accountable. He can avoid declaring Martial law.

  • charles becker

    The lawlessness is appalling.

  • patriot1789

    You have just shown why we are doomed as a republic. Constitutionally the several States are not under federal control. It would be up to the several States to disallow their counties and cities to be sanctuaries.

    The SCOTUS has held that the feds can not force one of the several States to enforce federal law. What you are willing to not only accept but demand is dissolution of the republic.

    Congratulations, you actually have what you want, the several States are null and void and we are now an oligarchy disguised as a democracy. People have been indoctrinated into believing and defending the destruction of America.

    If you want to dispute this further, first go to C. Francis Habeck’s blogspot and read the articles there starting with “A Patriot’s Thoughts”.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    In a perfect world you would be correct. The curve ball is that the country has been undermined through a Pavlov inspired Psyop mission. We live in drastic times and that calls for drastic measures to correct the ship and get back on track to follow what you recommend which I totally agree with. You see years ago I was unlucky enough to encounter Bill Ayers. Bill his now wife and the weathermen were attempting to indoctrinate young children I was one of those children. They had been given thousands of books full of Communist propaganda by the Red Chinese. They opened a small used book store no one realized who they were. Shortly after they opened they began to advertise a children’s story hour to get children interested in reading what they had to offer and it was a free service. After several weeks they started letting us check out books. I read through three or four because they were interesting so I was moved up to the adult section and started reading some of those books. Then I got my hands a book that described how the Soviets got China to accept Communism from the Soviet point of view. That’s when I encountered the term Political Correctness this was back in 1968 it was not even uttered here in the States so I had not heard of it before. No one else had either so after asking some of the other children in the group then finally asking my Mother if she had known of its meaning she suggested using the dictionary that my uncle had given me and asked me what I was reading. I handed her the book and my bookmark fell out so she picked it and looked at it. It was a flyer for upcoming war protest. Normally Mom never cussed but when she realized what she read SOB fell right out of her mouth! She called my Father and told him he said bring the book next door George and Dewey should be home by now two WWII vets. So she told me stay home and keep an eye on your sister. So when dad came home he and I went next door to tell them what I knew. George said he had called the VFW and talked to the post commander about what was going on. So the next day after dinner we all went to the VFW. They sat me up on the bar and twenty men asked me questions about the book store and the people who ran it. They decided to go there the next day. So my mom took my sister next door for Dewey’s wife to watch and we jumped in George’s car and when to the post to pick up the others. When we got there these guys were strapped all packing heat! Mon saw this and she wanted no part of that so she talked them into going to the police station. The post commander was in uniform a Full Bird Colonel with a few other majors. We walked into the 17th district police station the twenty vets my mom and me behind the Colonel. The Colonel told the Desk Sargent that he wanted a police escort to investigate a Communist propaganda operation. The Sargent told the Colonel that he didn’t have anyone free to do that at the moment. That was the wrong thing to say because the Colonel started barking orders at the poor guy like a drill Sargent it shook him up to the point that he called Mayor Daily. The Colonel grabbed the phone from the Sargent and barked at the Mayor so the Mayor told the Sargent to drive us over there to see what was up. Mom and I rode in the back of the police car and the others followed us over there. The others parked in the National foods parking lot and watched. The Police man parked on the street and told us to wait in the car while we went in. Bill saw the cop walk in and he ran out the back but the cop saw who he was and as it turned out he was wanted for blowing up the policeman’s statue down on Water Street. So the cop gets back into his car and gets the Mayor on the radio and told him what he saw. They arrested Ayers girlfriend who is now his wife and another guy. They had at least a hundred cops there in no time with what seemed as an endless line of paddy wagons they had the place cleaned out in about an hour. They said that they were going to charge the girlfriend with everything that Ayers was guilty of so the next day he turned himself in and that is how he ended up being busted. The mug shot of Bill with hair is because of me and my question of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! That is why I know that political correctness is 100% a soviet creation.
    When Stalin saw Dr. Pavlov’s dog salivate on command he ordered Pavlov to experiment on people. When Pavlov and Stalin’s head of secret police Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria thought they were successful they opened a School in Vienna. They advertised in the local Newspaper that if you took this free course and received an “A” you would be automatically entered into a contest to win a full Scholarship at the prestigious University of Psychology in Vienna. One of the first to take up that offer was Sigmund Freud. When Freud became recognized Beria took that as a Victory and set out doing the same thing to other teaching Colleges and Universities. This my friend is why we are in the state we are in and why such drastic measures are called for. This is the curve ball the soviets threw at us. Globalism is nothing but the spread of Communism!!! In politically correct terminology!

  • jug

    The “entire population”, (other than the illegals themselves), are already “being punished” by, lack of jobs, exposure to exotic diseases, and bodily harm, including death by said illegals!

    Wake the hell up, idiot!

  • Patriot159

    If I harbored a criminal in my house and refused to turn them over to the law I would lose a lot more than money by getting up to ten years of prison time! Once again the law is selectively applied where politicians are involved.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    I’m one of those who you described but what about the vets that come back home who also can’t find work this covers everyone. I have cartel and ISIS members that work with Chi-Coms and Arabs who attack me 24/7 with ground level microwave transmissions don’t lecture me about it I know I’ve been living it.

  • Debra Shawver

    Good…I do NOT consent to ANY of my hard earned tax $$$$ going for illegals and illegals criminal abetters….we have needy vets who need my $$$$$

  • Debra Shawver

    Just like king o and his band of thugs

  • Debra Shawver

    It is those “citizens” that re-elect these bozos to office…..they ALL need lessons….

  • Debra Shawver

    And….that girlfriend Bernadine Dohn ended up in the WH with king o…his 1st term…and ayers buddy “jarret” is still with king o… what does that mean for America and Americans?????? Who support these traitors??? And ayers is STILL speaking on college campuses to our young……we have stopped NOTHING> It is way past time we unite and do….or they win and America is gone.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    On one hand I know that you are right but on the other it would it would really put a hurt on the people that they have already destroyed like myself. I was worth over a million with one of my businesses that I had built up from scratch. However I am also a patented inventor who came up with an anti-carjacking device. That had the very first telephone link to a mobile vehicle that could control any vehicle so powerful that that it could stop a train is how I advertised it. It now stops trains and if I said what they call it now you would recognize the name the second you heard it. Well who am I to deserve to be the next Bill Gates right? That’s what the Democrats thought so because the City was broke because the Mayor wanted to have the Olympic Games here he blew the policeman’s retirement pension fund on buying up the area where he wanted to hold the games. But he lost the bid and became under pressure by the unions. Who runs the unions? The mob of course, right? We had demonstrated the system to a bunch of cities from the Midwest to the East coast Chicago being one of them. Someone realized its potential worth in the Democrat party who was connected to the unions and decided to just take it from me. However they needed a big customer who could make it huge in a short time. So they created a need and disrupted the Auto makers and the union ended up owning the second largest corporation in America. That company is not an Electronics mfg. So they sold the patent to China so they could build them for the auto maker to install in their vehicles. The auto maker also awarded the Chinese firm the contract for the computers that control the emission systems so they could incorporate the two systems together. To make a long story short they got 300 hundred million dollars from China for my illegally obtained patent and this is the short story mind you. When Obama started running for office they didn’t quite have enough to buy Television ads so a mysterious donor plunked down a cool 300 million dollars into his Champaign fund and they were able to purchase the ads around the country. So when the money started flowing in and it covered the donation the three hundred million just vanished! They made me sign three contracts under extreme duress. The collusion is massive in our government and encompasses both parties In my opinion Globalist are Communist because what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is yours criminals every one of them! That’s why Ayers gets away with it. Government isn’t just a swamp it’s a swamp on top of a garbage dump that doubles as a cemetery.

  • GrizzMann

    I think that those are Clinton policies, enforced by Trump.

  • KelMac

    I’m Australian, my job has taken me to America many times. I did love that part in particular, your country, your so obvious love & pride in your country was amazing. My latest visit was early 2016 & it was obvious to me, a rank amateur on political matters — so many people were ‘touchy’, ‘agro’ had ‘attitude’, this was all so apparent it was almost able to be felt. I was more into politics now as Donald Trump was similar in various ways to a regular Australian politician (like our previous PM — Tony Abbott), I was really impressed by his lack of pretention there was a lack of ‘his own importance’ Obama had. There was an aura around him my brother & I picked up about 9 years prior during an extended stay bound by Dad’s business. Bro & I travelled around listening to Obama (Clinton) & McCain (Palin). It was an historical educational period taken as a ‘Gap’ year from university. The conclusion that Obama even with his superb voice & oratory just as impressive, had a fault ‘line’ running right down his body. His claim on honesty, positive ‘change’ ,inclusiveness blah blah fell on suspiciously deaf ears. Not at all racist, it was difficult to describe. After all America seemed to love him. Deciding it was an ‘all politicians are a necessary ‘evil’ I gave up on trying to figure the dude out.
    I don’t have to tell you people about the eight year tenure that (in a non American opinion) turned American against American in a short few years & in an organised, orchestrated modus operandi. His MO altered America & it’s people so much it was heart breaking. Now he is reaping only the start of his reward. I believe this cold, stiff & indecipherable man never felt any love for or pride in America. His ego is immense & he tends towards narcissism. Ok, I will probably be blasted for using psychology as an enabler & I am most likely 100% incorrect. It’s all about perception about oneself in reaction to someone’s behaviour &/or attitude, an intuitive feeling. Just saying 🙂

  • mlentz

    You are spot on.

  • Debra Shawver

    Chicago…I hear you. I am very sorry for your loss. All the more reason for us real Americans to stand up to the globalists….we cannot just type and talk anymore. We have to get active in ways that may hurt. I took an oath a long time ago to defend our Republic and Constitution against ALL enemies….foreign and domestic. I am just sorry I did not come out of my own bubble until king o came on the scene and spewed his commie/marxist BS…that is really what woke me up. In the Air Force in a command class I wrote a paper comparing and contrasting Communism, Marxism and the Constitution. I heard king o using those Stalinist buzz words…even the same campaign slogans….when I raised alarm bells with my family, esp the ones in Iowa , I was told I was nuts. What really floored me was my aunt and her boyfriend who lived and fought in WW II….they were and still are in love with king o. I asked my aunt’s boyfriend (because he was part of the bombing of Berlin) just what he thought he was bombing….I just got stares back… I did not spend 23 years of my life serving my country for it to be ripped out from under me….and I cannot stand idly by and look my children in the eye and say I did nothing. I worked on Trump’s campaign…and Andy Bigg’s and Kelli Ward’s….felt bad the underhandedness of mccain but am not surprised..he is a globalist soros puppet and so is jeff flake. We all have to do our part to right this ship.

  • sweetqueen777

    NO Sympathy from me. I live in TEXAS, and we are inundated with Mexican , and other nationals from south of the border. Our taxes are being eaten up in the effort to meet the needs of these poor people. While I grasp their desperation, in some cases, I am tired of subsidizing the charity of others. I have had no voice in this expenditure. NONE of those “sanctuary cities” have held a VOTE to determine if their citizens truly approve of them “putting their money where their mouths are. Except it is NOT THEIR MONIES to be playing with. Keep up the pressure, President Trump. They do not have the RIGHT to decide to NOT OBEY the laws of this country.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    I know exactly what you are talking about. I know how they conned the people like your aunt and the many others into thinking that “O” was sent from above and why it was all possible. How they controlled the Wall Street protestors without have any contact with them what so ever. Go to the search engine under images look up “Let us Sleep Let us Dream” it will bring up the sign they were using at the Wall Street protest with a tent with the moon and stars. The tent belonged to a Community Organizer at the protest. He was seen in an undercover video holding that sign in a meeting held at a union hall. I believe Alex Jones ran the video at the time just prior to the protest. At the time I remember seeing it thinking that’s strange what does that mean? Well it turns out that there is a gland in the center of our brains called the Pineal gland AKA the third eye. It’s just above the brain stem. Its main purpose is to make a hormone called serotonin the brain uses to connect brain cells for the thought process melatonin the sleeping pill is the synthetic form of serotonin. This is key, because the reason the pineal gland is called the third eye is because it is directly connected to the optic nerve. It stops producing serotonin any time there is any light in the room when we sleep even if your eyes are closed. “The reason why sleep deprivation causes a person to act crazy” is Lack of serotonin… the most amazing thing about the pineal gland is this. It has the ability to read and decipher analog audio and video that is sent on a microwave carrier signal between 928 MHz to 2.4 GHz and probably above that. It works really well during REM sleep although sometimes it comes through with only the eyes closed. what is really bizarre is that not only do you see the video as a movie in your mind as a dream is that you see it through the lens of the camera as if you were in the movie taking part as an actor! You see it in the same definition that it was taken in so 1080 p is what you see in the dream! HIGH DEFINITION REMOTE BRAINWASHING! The power of suggestion that God would most likely use! The protestors acted wild because they were being hammered with these transmissions because of lack of serotonin being goaded along by a community organizer that they believed was God because they were seeing him telling them what to do in their dreams! According to Dr. Nick Begich HAARP can do this. However all you need is a 2.4 Ghz FM analog A/V surveillance transmitter with a video source like a web cam and a computer some video editing software and you can make anyone who don’t know about this believe anything!

  • ChicagoThunder1

    It’s not only HAARP The UN has formed a grid in the air space over major cities at night 50 -60 thousand feet up. They look like stars but they move they have the transmitters as well. Microwave is line of sight tight like a laser beam if you feel the heat in a direction you can always follow it back to it’s source.

  • Mark Plenn

    And those cities should lose the funds; break the law and suffer the loss.