Accuracy in Media

CNN ran a piece where the headline blasted Republicans for their alleged bait-and-switch tactics in proposing an pro-single-payer amendment to repeal Obamacare, “Democrats reject GOP’s effort tot bait them into voting for single-payer health insurance”.

The amendment, proposed by Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines, lost by a 57-0 margin, with 43 senators solely marking “present” instead of voting.

What the CNN article noted was how the Republicans failed to “bait” Democrats into voting for it, thus putting the Democrats on the record in support of government-run health care. It also said that the idea of single-payer is popular among potential 2020 candidates, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

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  • single payer

    The majority (60%+) of the population supports some version of single payer………..not so much with politicians………who would stand to lose a large chunk of their donor base from pharmaceutical corporations, HMOs and the healthcare insurance corporations………

    Single payer aka IMPROVED Medicare for ALL………..

  • mioahu

    A version of single payer where you have other options is not single payer…of course everybody supports a safety net , like medicare and medicaid, but since you have other options that is not single payer, it is government provided safety net. If everybody would be on medicare, then yes, that would be single payer, but why do you wish to worsen the care for most americans instead of providing that level of care just to people who can’t afford another insurance ? The left values equality more than freedom, and if that equality means that you have to make everybody’s life miserable , then so be it,,, that’s exactly what happened in all communist countries, they became equal, but with no freedom, no property and starving.. way to make everybody equal, comrades.