Accuracy in Media

CNN used the LGBT media narrative to blast Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). The labels often used by the Left and liberal media portray Christians and Christian organizations as anti-transgender, or as in this case, ‘anti-gay’ for following their religious convictions.

Why is the Left upset at Sessions’ remarks? First, they thought it was not appropriate that the sitting attorney general speak to an alleged ‘anti-gay’ group, and second, his remarks would not be released to the public.

Also, CNN did not acknowledge the religious liberty aspect of a Colorado baker case, which was taken up by ADF in court. The baker cited his religious beliefs in declining to provide a cake for a gay customer, which is a recent trend in court cases where religious-minded business owners have been taken to court over their beliefs.

CNN did exclusively quote the opposing side of the religious liberty cases, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), in their article. So much for fair representation.

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  • tkrepel

    The ADF is anti-gay because it hates the LGBT community and has never made an effort to defend their rights. You offer no evidence to the contrary.

  • MarkSebree

    So, the group “Accuracy in Media” is angry because the media accurately described the ADF? They are upset because someone did what they are supposed to support? Why, that is like the Alliance Defending Freedom getting upset when people defend their freedom to worship as they wish or to marry the consenting, single adult that they wish.

    Oh, wait. The Alliance Defending Freedom DOES get upset when people defend their freedoms, especially when it is people that far right, evangelical, dominionistic “Christians” do not like, such as gays, muslims, atheists, and liberal Christians. It seems that far right “advocacy” groups like to name themselves in a manner that is the opposite of their actual stance. I.e. they lie about themselves and their agenda in their names.

  • Douglas Nutter

    im no anti anything but wrong is wrong and men laying down with men or women laying with women is wrong .Even animals are smart enough to know that . if you want to do that you will pay the consequence but dont tell me that you have right to be wrong >

  • dzerres

    I’m always interested in people who are so concerned about what others “do”. Why? Why are you the Gladys Kravitz of America’s bedrooms? We don’t care what you do with your wife/dog/goat or whatever as long as it’s consensual – oops there goes the dog and goat, but whatever. Isn’t there something in life that you actually enjoy doing instead of being “against” everything and everyone who doesn’t think or act exactly like YOU would like to dictate. BTW, how many of your past leaders have been caught doing EXACTLY what you are against – seems to run a lot on your side. I can name them all starting with Sen Larry Craig, if you like. hypocrites

  • Sorsha2010

    Ten percent of any animal population is gay. There are gay dogs, cats, sheep….you name it there will be gay ones. It’s natural.

  • Maggietish

    Thete is no accuracy in media ever in the United States. The only people that the corrupt biased liberal/progressive mainstream media support is anyone who is anti-God, anti-America, anti-faith, anti-truth, anti-Constitution, anti-loyalty to the US, anti-patriotic. Everyone has a right to live their lives as they please. But, that means everyone and not just the liberal far-left zealots and liberals. God gives us all the freedom of choice. But, the uber-left biased corrupt liberal/progressive lying fake news media clearly doesn’t believe that. They choose to label those who don’t agree with them. For example, if someone asks another person their opinion about a gay person, they might sndwer by saying that the gay person has a right to live their lives the way they won but in their opinion it’s not their lifestyle of choice and they just don’t agree with it. The liberals and biased lying fake news media would immediately label and call that person homophobic. So why do the corrupt liberal/progressive lying fake news media and far-left zealots declare all out war against those who have not attacked anyone but have a right to their own opinion and right to express it. What are they so afraid of? They are certainly not helping their cause by breeding/encouraging division. More than likely that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. They may think that they are dividing and conquering but they are fooling themselves and they better buckle up for the reality check that’s heading right toward them.

  • Douglas Nutter

    You don’t know what your saying. Show proof. Not rhetoric

  • you and mark deserve each other. your ignorance is very sad. we don’t ‘hate’ anyone. disagreement is not ”hate”. in fact the groups you mentioned do hate us christians. seems you on the left r the intolerant ones.

  • Dan Flaherty

    So what…The LGBT “”Community” is anti-Christian.

  • Dan Flaherty

    Pffff !!

  • Bruce

    The gay Colorado men couldn’t just go to another baker for their cake?… They probably did do that, but their vindictiveness, narcisism, and compulsion to force their values on others made them sue that Christian baker. God bless you, Christian baker. And God bless you, ADF, for taking up their cause.

  • Bruce

    Christians get criticized for refusing to bake a cake, yet Muslims are NOT criticized for advocating the brutal murder of gays? It’s no wonder “common sense” Americans are turning away from ever-increasing radical left-wing Mainstream media. DOWN with CNN and the others…

  • Vicki Kuner Mattingly

    excellent point dan!!

  • Lorraine

    It certainly appears that is the case!

  • Lorraine

    Christians are not the ones who are interested in what others do in their bedrooms. Really! However we are being forced by the members of LGBT to say we believe the acts you perform are not sinful. If we cannot say that then they say we are hating. There is the lie that the libs are selling. To believe as Jesus taught that an act is sinful is not hating the person at all. They are not satisfied until we agree whatever they do is not sinful. So they hate us for not being able to say it. We hate no one.

  • Lorraine


  • Wm Layer

    The dreadful physical consequences of homosexuality compiled by the CDC are suppressed by the media. The high VD rate, the destruction of the anal sphincter leading to a loss of bowel control, the tearing of the anal membranes allowing pathogens to enter the blood stream leading to hepatitis are all ignored. The general public is ignorant of oral-anal contact or of fisting, practices that contribute to the early death rate of homosexuals. Drugs taken to control AIDS have toxic side effects leading to liver damage and other ailments. The truly anti-gay are those who suppress the evidence of the homosexual death style.

  • and if the LBJGTQ (or whatever) doesn’t want people to be against them, then don’t try for force your lifestyle onto the rest of the country. Do what you have to do behind closed doors as heteros do (for the most part) and don’t go prancing around in parades trying to recruit young boys and girls to your lifestyle

  • I believe gay is a term reserved for humans only. Dogs may hump another male, a human leg or a chair leg. It doesn’t mean they’re gay.

  • Congratulations. You have posted the most moronic post of the day. Now go back to msnbc to get your next big idea

  • Sorsha2010

    I’m not talking about leg humping. There was a study by a scientist at OSHU.

  • Allen Rogers

    You are not gay. You are a homosexual pervert.

  • tkrepel

    How funny that you assume things about my sex life based on a single comment. And how sad that you feel you must hate people who are different from you.