Accuracy in Media

CNN’s article on last week’s jobs report was a negative one, where the article avoided mentioning how many jobs were added to the U.S. economy (209,000 jobs were added, per CNBC), but admitted that the unemployment rate is at a sixteen-year-low.

But, the article focused on the lack of wage growth, ignoring the signs of a potential economic recovery.

It’s as if CNN is trying to push a narrative about the president and his handling of the economy.

The reality is that the recent jobs report is encouraging, but far from a robust jobs report across the board. The unemployment rate has its critics, who would prefer the use of labor force participation rate instead.

However, CNN did not have to paint a negative picture, even a neutral headline would suffice, and should have included how many jobs were added to the economy.

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  • Hillary Clintub

    We’re adding job OPENINGS but we aren’t actually adding that many jobs. Unfortunately, America has an acute lack of people qualified to fill those job openings. Unfilled job openings are now at a record high of over six million. Why is that?

    It sure isn’t for a lack of unskilled and uneducated illegal Mexicans. Why aren’t supposedly “educated” Americans rising to the challenge of filling those jobs? Is it because Americans aren’t really as educated as they’d like to think?

    Personally, I think our educational system is failing us by concentrating on issues like Affirmative Action and “social promotion” and creating a huge disconnect between having a college degree and actually being educated and qualified to meet the demands for productive employment in today’s highly competitive world. It’s that “diversity” thing again.