Accuracy in Media

CNN reported that conservatives in Silicon Valley, where tech start-ups and companies like Google and Facebook operate, are feeling persecuted and isolated from their colleagues and fellow investors. The network quoted their anonymous sources, who feared public reprisal and professional ruin if their names were revealed.

The bias against conservatives is real, the sources claimed, and felt that they were being unfairly lumped into the Trump movement when they tend to be more libertarian than politically conservative. The sources also alleged that if they wore a pro-Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ hat to work, they would be fired within weeks or even a month.

The report quoted the sources at length, gave a fair shake to the issue and is worth a read.

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  • samo war
  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    “During the Antirightist “struggle,” penal detention was generally precluded by social exclusion. No one wanted to know “right-wingers”; no one would even offer them hot water. They still had to go to work, but there they had to make confession after confession and to attend an endless succession of “criticism and education” meetings. Because housing was generally based on employment, their neighbors and colleagues, and even their children, gave them no respite, hurling sarcastic taunts and insults, forbidding them to walk on the left side of the road, and chanting a children’s song that ended with the line “The
    people will fight right-wingers to the death.” – Black Book on Communism

  • ericsiverson

    I sure like Putin’s picture with his trump cap MAKE AMERICA GREAT even Putin is for Trump but not them

  • ericsiverson

    where and when are we going to fight

  • FireAnt

    Why didn’t they ask conservatives in Central Valley? They sweat and toil for their daily bread and are always at the mercy of nature!