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CNN’s Chris Cillizza, formerly of the Washington Post, published an analysis wondering why Americans do not care about President Donald Trump’s tax returns. In it, Cillizza said:

…People have stopped asking or caring about Trump’s taxes. Which means Trump’s gamble is paying off.

The media had hounded Trump on the campaign trail about his taxes, but as Cillizza pointed out, Trump bet that the public and media would tire of the issue. As Cillizza admitted, Trump won this round against the media:

Trump bet on the idea that the average person didn’t care all that much about his taxes — at least not enough to vote on the issue — and that the media would, eventually, lose interest in asking the same questions over and over if he just never gave an inch.
That appears to be the right bet — even as Congress prepares to take up a tax cut proposal.
A CNN poll released last week showed that 67 percent of Americans think Trump should release his tax returns — down from 74 percent in January. The drop is most marked among Republicans; 51 percent said Trump should release his returns in January as opposed to just 38 percent who say the same now.

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  • mioahu

    He didn’t have to by law. I wouldn’t want my tax returns in the public , not because I don’t pay, i pay a lot, but because it’s nobody’s business. The IRS won’t let him get by with evasion, so I am not sure what the problem is. If he exploits loopholes, good for him, the leftists democrats had plenty of time to reform the tax code and they didn’t. Bunch of Hypocrites.