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The Democrats railed against Attorney General Jeff Sessions for meeting with the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during his time as a U.S. senator (which also coincided with the 2016 cycle as a surrogate for the Trump campaign). One Democratic U.S. senator, Claire McCaskill, tweeted that she never met with the Russian ambassador in question.

However, noted that the tweet was false in that she did meet with the ambassador:

Sen. Claire McCaskill called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign for failing to disclose during his Senate confirmation hearing that as a senator he met twice with the Russian ambassador in 2016. As a point of contrast, McCaskill said, she had “no call from, or meeting with, the Russian ambassador. Ever.” As a point of fact, that turned out to be false.

Within a few hours, McCaskill acknowledged in a tweet that she did meet with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States, four years ago on the issue of international adoptions with other senators.

Below are her tweets, one denying she met with Kislyak, and the two follow-up tweets to that:

Photo by Senator McCaskill

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  • aliswell

    “Flub?” You mean LIE, right?

  • (deplorable) gabwin

    So, when does the Senate Investigation on McCaskill begin? Has the Special Prosecutor been chosen yet??

  • mioahu

    AHAHAHHAHA, these hypocrites

  • Tannim

    Keep in mind, McCaskill is the same idiot who back in 2008 claimed that Panama John McCain was natural born when the government’s own laws, policies, and treaties indicated otherwise.

    She isn’t the brightest candle in the vaccuum. Why the people of Missouri keep electing this imbecilidiot is inexplicable.

  • jg collins

    In this case, she’s such a dingbat, I doubt if she has the IQ necessary to lie. She’s somewhere in the two-digit range, along with Pelosi.