Accuracy in Media

Socialized medicine “wins” in the United Kingdom: The parents of Charlie Gard, a child who suffers from a rare genetic condition, have given up their bid to move their child to their home to let him pass away in peace and at home.

The hospital insisted that they could not accommodate the parents’ request with a staff member needing to be present with the family and child, along with the inaccessibility of equipment.

It appears that socialized medicine did “win”, where the desires of a nationalized government health care system won out when pitted against the wishes of family members.

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  • G.B.

    Are the people of Great Britain ready for their new rights and their caring government to take care of them.

  • mioahu

    Isn’t Great Britain great ? with their socialist single payer system that fails their citizen, and lets a court decide the right to life of a child, not his parents ? To all the leftists out there, is that what you are looking for ? That’s what you want for your families ? Do you know that a quarter of all the doctors in the UK are foreigners, because British citizen choose not to work in the field because it does not pay enough ? And a doctor trained in some African country is probably a bit below the skills of somebody trained in a western school….And 11% of all medical workers ? The father of Canada’s single payer system admitted last year that their system is failing, and that he was wrong ? And urging Canada to start moving away from single payer ? But hey, i know leftists are not big for facts or truth, those are not part of the leftist value system, and they lie all the time cause the end justifies the means…