Accuracy in Media

Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time, did not hold back with Democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth “Liz” Warren when she appeared on his show this past week. President Trump called Warren “Pocahontas” because Warren once claimed she was part-Native American, and Maher used same nickname when Warren tried to rebut one of his statements on why she cannot connect with working-class voters.

You can watch the exchange below:

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  • mioahu

    Hilarious. I thought Bill Maher is a liberal, not a leftist. Pocahontas is a commie, the fact that they keep saying that this tax plan benefits the rich is yet another lie. They always lie, cause if they would be telling the truth they would be conservative, and would vote republican. When 10% of the population pays 70% of the taxes, you can’t make tax cuts without benefiting those WHO PAY THE TAXES, DUH, how stupid are tou comrad ? The death tax is a communist / socialist implement. I pay taxes all my life on all the money I make, and at the end of my life government takes half of all that’s left ? That is theft. That is my money, and I should be able to pass it on in my family. Otherwise why save, i could just spend it all, and let the american citizen support my family….