Accuracy in Media

Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was booed and jeered when she gave the commencement address at a historical black college (known as HBCUs) Bethune-Cookman University. There was pressure from alumni and students to rescind the invitation for DeVos to speak, which was rebuffed by the university president, Dr. Edison Jackson.

The students, once she began speaking, stood up with their backs facing DeVos. As people in the audience began to boo DeVos, Dr. Jackson reminded them that if they continued to act in that way, they would be escorted out and diplomas mailed to them. One person was removed from the audience.

Dr. Jackson had previously pointed out that there was no harm in making “new friends” such as the Trump administration and Secretary DeVos, considering the Department of Education is a powerful agency and it would be politically feasible to keep warm relations with the department.

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  • Tbear

    This is what happens when morons have children. I commend Dr. Jackson for standing up to them!!!!

  • Janet

    These students received degrees in stupidity. Let them go forth and

  • mioahu

    Everybody wonder why the democrats fought hard to reduce the voting age ? Cause all the stupid people vote for them, and the younger you are the higher chances of being indoctrinated … Anyway, as we all notice, somehow , with all indoctrination, conservatives have the house, the senate, the presidency, and most state legislatures and governors..
    How might that happen, when all our young are indoctrinated since kindergarten ? It is called GROWING UP !!!!! People turn conservative, realizing the stupidity of the left…i NEVER heard of a conservative turning liberal AHAHHAHAH. Which just proves that being conservative is a wise thing, that people turn to as they grow up from their childish leftist years. It would be funny if it would not be dangerous.

  • Poupon Marx

    She should have just walked out, the moment these sub-humans acted out their infra-human behavior patterns. The reason Black Colleges exist is to provide an inferior and dumb down curriculum for Negroes of inadequate mental and psychological endowment. A permanent remedial class.

  • Poupon Marx

    They will cut in line ahead of more deserving Whites and Asians. Same with Hispanderics.

  • spin43

    They were not taught manners from parents. Obama taught them to whine and they will receive goodies. Lost generation.