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  • Steven Barrett

    Bernie Sanders isn’t the most eloquent speaker in the Senate or on the campaign trail. But he is the most consistently honest and that’s what attracts people to his vision and his campaign. What he’s been saying for decades isn’t any different than what he’s saying now, even when he knows what he might have to say on a given issue will no doubt cost him votes. His only competitor now has long built a career out of political expediency, and all that it costs all of us in terms of what more cynicism can bring to an already weakened political system no thanks to the lure of obtaining more in campaign funds, or the fear of losing them.
    Who is Senator Cruz really speaking for, or for that matter Hillary Clinton when Goldman Sachs has its fangs and claws sticking deep into both politicians? What made Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders so attractable to so many prospective voters is the fact they’re not beholden to institutions like Goldman Sachs. What are all the conditions the firm put on Cruz’s loan that we may never know about until it’s too late? What does the firm want in return for its outrageous sums paid to Hillary Clinton? What’s she telling them that she’s not letting the nation in on so we can protect our financial assets (no pun intended.) Clinton, the neoconservative former peace-gen Democrat is a hawk. But to what extent and who is she willing to sacrifice our most precious treasures, our parents, spouses and adult children serving in uniform and send them in harm’s way to protect and or actually fight for? is this too much to ask?
    Folks, please take a look at Sen. Sanders’ entire legislative record, plus his experience as Burlington VT’s mayor. In many respects his administration was quite conservative with the city’s funds so as to avoid at all costs, any property tax on individual homeowners. That’s a rarity in New England, especially my home state, MA. Western Massachusetts, particularly Hampshire County’s college towns are far more radical places than Burlington, VT. Lately both Sen. Sanders and John McCain worked together to come up with an overhaul of our Veterans Administration, and within the past week or so, he worked with Sen. Liz Warren and several other Democrats, some of whom are backing Hillary Clinton, in getting the FCC to allow the break up of a monopoly cable systems had on the television reception boxes consumers had to rent. And this took place while the GOP controls Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, too many elected Republicans, much different crowd than our neighbors who happen to vote Republican in our elections, on the Hill seem more willing to allow big cable/telecomm companies get away with monopolization not to mention a lot of tax breaks we’ll never receive. It was Bernie Sanders who helped break up this reverse socialist monopolization of our television viewing habits.
    It’s time for the real truth to surface and surface more often; not the ever so discrete and downright bullshitty redbaiting by other means and prattling on about socialism’s taint to make the man “unelectable” while little or no mention is made about how big business has managed to secure its assets via one socialistic tax break scheme/scam after another.