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Sarah Westwood at the Washington Examiner with the latest:

Sen. Bernie Sanders slammed Hillary Clinton for her close ties to Wall Street, both through her campaign and through her personal finances.

“I don’t take money from big banks,” Sanders said Sunday evening during the Democratic debate in Charleston, S.C., when asked about the difference between his policy and that of his chief rival. “I don’t get personal speaking fees from Goldman Sachs.”

Clinton and her husband have both accepted generous speaking fees from Goldman Sachs, as well as a number of other major banks. Wall Street executives are among the top donors to her presidential campaign.

Photo by jnd_photography
Photo by jnd_photography

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  • Steven Barrett

    Hell of a big difference between taking money from labor unions and other organizations working on behalf of working people, kids, young moms and the elderly … and Hill & Bill’s fav watering bipartisan watering holes like Goldman Sachs who wouldn’t give a rat’s tail if any of the businesess these big banks invested in kept backing more legislation designed to screw over the less fortunate and middle class voters.