Accuracy in Media

Bernie Sanders, the socialist U.S. Senator from Vermont, criticized Fox News for going after his claim about repealing and replacing ObamaCare. Sanders claimed that “thousands” of Americans would die if the law was dismantled, which some Fox News commentators mocked and criticized.

Sanders’ defense is based on PolitiFact saying that his comment was generally defensible since it was not too specific. PolitiFact said his statement was “mostly true.”

This is the same PolitiFact which rated Obama’s “if you like your doctor, you can keep him” remark as a “true” claim (which it was not).


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  • TED

    If very large numbers of people with debilitating ailments and diseases lose their medical care … it stands to reason that many of them will needlessly die before their time!

    If 15 million people lose their medical care in the first year of ObamaCare repeal … some are definitely going to die because of it.

  • luvdoowop

    “This was never supposed to help everybody” – Gruber
    But NOW it’s a big deal….

  • Paul Anderson

    Bernie isn’t the only Socialist in Congress. If he / she is a Democrat, he / she is a Progressive Socialist . It’s A progressive ideology that eventually turns to communism. The Chicago suburbs, managed by Democrats, is an example of Socialism.

  • Charlotte Scot

    “Accuracy in Media” proves to be inaccurate in sentence # 1. Bernie Sanders serves in the Senate as an INDEPENDENT, not as a Socialist. He supports Democratic Socialism, as do many of our allies.

  • MonadnockMan

    Bernie Bernie, you still around and taking. I thought you moved into a million dollar payoff home in the Green Mountains to hide from the problems that being beset on to you and your bride. Question, where did ya get the money, thought you were broke? Move out of Vermont and in 5-seconds you will actually become a fully fledged zero because you have not produced on piece of legislation or consequence for the betterment of Vermont or OUR COUNTRY that allows you to stay even though you hate us!

  • Ringo’sResolve

    Who cares? Those people had choices to make in life and made the wrong ones most likely. I have been at the top the bottom and back on top….that’s called bumps in the road.If I can manage sop can they. If most of these people would stop being lazy, got good paying jobs instead of being lazy losers, they could have had insurance. Now, I suffer because of their ineptness. My insurance rates have skyrocketed and now I have crappy plan. Because all these dead beats feel entitled to something they never earned. We live in America a republic, not a socialist or communist country. All american’s (legal citizens) have the same basic rights. However, nothing more is guaranteed other than equal chance at the start. What yo do along the ways comes down to Abilities,Chance, and who you surround yourself with. If you have a low I.Q. you can still make a good life, get to know the right people, work hard, maybe lady luck will grace you. Perhaps you are the Next Tesla but have issues forming good relationships, work harder than everybody else, show your genius, somebody will notice. Maybe you are lazy, not good at anything, but you can still make it, look at Hollywood as an example, no real skill, easy work, just form the right relationships and again hope the dice land your way. Yes, some people never make it, but that is nobodies fault but their own. There is always a chance…..They just never took a chance, or never made the right friends, or applied what smarts they have. It is not my responsibility, nor yours to take care of these people. That is all that is guaranteed is a chance. America is not for everybody. Simple as that.