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Uh, that’s pretty funny, huh? Hillary’s attacks have helped Bernie.

The Hillary Clinton campaign’s increased attacks on Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders in recent days have produced more than $1 million in donations for the Vermont senator, who is currently leading Clinton in key early states.

bernie sanders photo

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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  • ArtemisRose

    Yes, I, too, was outraged that Chelsea lied, lied and lied about Bernie Sanders!
    Mother like daughter lied to the world and it backfired and became a catalyst for those of us who support TRUTH TELLERS, like Bernie Sanders, to donate!

    It was worth another $100 donation to support the TRUTH and halt the Clinton Liars!

  • Steven Barrett

    Chelsea Clinton is to politics what Margaret Truman was to good singing. But at least Margaret had the brains to know she had (real) talents elsewhere and put them to good use. At least Margaret knew the difference between fiction and fact. I’m not sure the former six-figure income “special correspondent” NBC hired once will ever give Ms. Clinton another chance to prove she does, either.