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Jim Acosta, CNN White House reporter, has a history of going at President Donald Trump since his Election Night victory. This time, at a press conference called at the White House, Acosta asked him, “Mr. President, haven’t you spread fake news yourself, sir?”

The exchange came after President Trump gave a speech condemning the Ku Klux Klan, white supremacists and neo-Nazis and Acosta asked if they could ask more questions and if the speech was a part of a press conference. President Trump said they finished their press conference and Acosta then asked if he had condemned white supremacists, which was included in Trump’s speech. After hearing another question from Acosta, President Trump told Acosta that he was “fake news.”

Does Jim Acosta relish in becoming the storyline within the story? With questions like those, it appears so.

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  • mioahu

    OMG Acosta, some people are just masochists and like to get their a**ss whooped again again. Acosta is one of them, smug , rude and stupid …one of his stupidest remarks (although it’s hard to choose from the display of idiocy) was that the requirement for immigrants to speak english would mean only people from England and Australia will be allowed…why are these idiots allowed at CNN ? well, i guess that’s what CNN is, a bunch of idiotic leftists with talking points and with little knowledge. here Acosta, a list of territorial entities where English is an official language , get schooled !

  • biilyjoe

    Jim Acosta is the worst sort of left-wing LIAR–a demon in his own right who prostitutes the Truth to put himself on camera. Acosta is a fake news pimp.