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Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a guest on “Cavuto” on Thursday, on the Fox Business Network. The topic was media coverage of the current immigration crisis at America’s southern border.

Aronoff said that it is a “manufactured crisis,” and that an even bigger story than the 50,000-plus children who have recently come into the country is the 240,000 adults who have come across illegally since April of this year. Aronoff said the media are downplaying the worst parts of this crisis, and dropping the word “illegal” from their lexicon because they are pushing a pro-amnesty agenda, and are attempting to protect President Obama from political damage. This was the opening segment of Cavuto’s show on Thursday night.

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  • The major

    You & I both know that at the last minute,,,BHO will sign an ‘Executive Order” to bring all of the families of all of the kids who are coming Now,,,figure it out. This is all part of his master plan,,,to Crash the System,,,by Overloading it,,more Welfare,,Fed disability,,,& even Soc.Sec. for new peeps who never payed into it like we did,,,as many as possible dependent on the Fed Teat.,,& then have the rich & well-to-do pay for it all. I say wait until he leaves office & move 10K of these peeps to obama’s new ‘hood,in Chicago,,or Hawaii,,& see how michelle likes it,