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Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a recent guest on “Cavuto,” on the Fox Business Network. The topic was how the mainstream media have been ignoring President Obama’s low approval ratings in an election season.

A study of media coverage of polling for the last two presidents shows that President George W. Bush received much more coverage for his low approval ratings than President Obama has for his over a similar time period. In fact, President Obama’s approval ratings may even be lower than they initially appear.

“President Obama’s numbers are the lowest: 52 to 42 disapproval over approval ratings,” said Aronoff on Cavuto. “And that’s the number that view his presidency as a success versus a failure.”

But the media oversampled Democrats, likely skewing the ratings comparison more favorably for the current President. A closer view of the Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that “they talked to 33% self-identified Democrats and only 23% self-identified Republicans,” said Aronoff.

People recognize that there is this vacuum of leadership in the world under this President, Aronoff said. But President Obama’s polls have been sinking for a long time, not just recently. “Also if you go back to 2010 and you look at Obamacare, and then the rollout, there have been a lot of low periods,” Aronoff said. “So this number is becoming consistent and the low approval rating [has] stayed this way.” You can watch the full segment below:

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  • Marshall Goodman

    Bush’s “approval” ratings were as phony as most Democrats’ elections. I recall that after Bush’s 2004 reelection, a NYT and CBS poll results showed his approval had dropped inexplicably in to the mid-30 percent range. The purveyors of the poll, as though not biased and corrupt as it is, even admitted they interviewed more Democrats than Republicans.

    Nevertheless, this poll became the standard by which Bush would be measured (pummeled is more like it) and helped to lead to a Democratic sweep of Congress in 2006, a mere prelude to the problems we face today, including having the first mullah- and openly Marxist-in-chief. I can’t believe women aren’t protesting Obama more; after all, a majority of female votes went to this fraud (thank a lot, ladies) and to paraphrase Pastor Neimoller’s 1945 speech (at least as reported today): “When they [Islam] come for the women, there was no one left to speak up.” Maybe it’s your just karma, my dears.