Accuracy in Media

Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his efforts to promote democracy in Communist China, died at age 61 due to multiple organ failure from cancer. He was the second Nobel laureate to die in prison since 1938, when pacifist Carl von Ossietzky died protesting the Nazi Germany regime.

He was imprisoned by the Chinese government for his pro-democracy activism and human rights organizations condemned the government for his death.

Despite this, liberal media outlets were not enthusiastic about noting how the Chinese government is not only authoritarian, but communist. Is this because communism is an offshoot of left-wing politics?

For example, CNN did not mention that the Chinese government is communist and only mentioned the word once, thanks to a tweet by another Chinese dissident. The New York Times mentioned the word ‘communist’ four times and did say the Chinese government is communist. The Washington Post used the word twice and noted that the government is communist.

But why hide from the truth, liberal media?

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  • mioahu

    Why would the Communist News Network cast a bad light on communism ? All these people loved the Soviet Union, Ted Kennedy actually planned with the Soviet Union to defeat Reagan (now that’s collusion) and now in their hypocritical manner are crying wold about Russia… these people are liars and they are a disgrace to this great country, shame on all the fake news people.. but america is smarter than that, saw through the lies, and elected TRUMP ! That is the biggest blow to the leftists and to the communist media ever, they have not recovered, they are still in chock running around like headless chicken, ignoring all actual news, and bashing Trump 24/7… didn’t work before the election, won’t work now.. it actually helps trump, because people who were never trumpers or reluctantly voted for him are losing their patience and are moving firmer into the trump camp… well done defeating yourselves, you pathetic leftist liars