Accuracy in Media

The News and Observer, a North Carolina outlet, published an op-ed from its editorial board pushing for Congress to eventually move toward government-run, single-payer health care system in America.

The board argued health insurance premiums are rising each year, for the most part, and that single-payer would relieve or resolve that issue.

This only helps confirm conservative fears that liberals and progressives are using Obamacare as a tool to push single-payer.

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  • samo war
  • Richard Schmidt

    If gov meddling in Health care to the extent that ACA xid, forced rising costs, which even Dems and the OAB agreed, how does it follow that single payer is “the solution”?
    Socialization of a service that entail4s 17% of our GDP will bankrupt the nation. Havent we seen enouvh evidence of incompetence, fraud, waste and mismanagment by staffs of “public servants” as in Medicare.

  • samo war
  • alvin691

    Who was the actual writer? This is a game leftist play where they get local celebrities and journalists to publish op-eds under their local and trusted names. It happens a LOT in places like Charleston, SC