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From our Black Lives Matter Exposed website:

The following is from the Washington Post piece that Barbara Reynolds, a civil rights activist who was a part of the 1960s movement, penned in response to Black Lives Matter tactics:

Black Lives Matter is a motley-looking group to this septuagenarian grandmother, an activist in the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Many in my crowd admire the cause and courage of these young activists but fundamentally disagree with their approach.  Trained in the tradition of Martin Luther King Jr., we were nonviolent activists who won hearts by conveying respectability and changed laws by delivering a message of love and unity. BLM seems intent on rejecting our proven methods. This movement is ignoring what our history has taught.

The baby boomers who drove the success of the civil rights movement want to get behind Black Lives Matter, but the group’s confrontational and divisive tactics make it difficult. In the 1960s, activists confronted white mobs and police with dignity and decorum, sometimes dressing in church clothes and kneeling in prayer during protests to make a clear distinction between who was evil and who was good.

But at protests today, it is difficult to distinguish legitimate activists from the mob actors who burn and loot. The demonstrations are peppered with hate speech, profanity, and guys with sagging pants that show their underwear. Even if the BLM activists aren’t the ones participating in the boorish language and dress, neither are they condemning it.

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  • Emily Shinn

    This lady gets it.

  • LucioCastignano

    Public schools no longer teach history yet alone American History. BLM are illiterate activist wannabes who are only in it for the money, theft, and 15 minutes of internet fame. The major difference in the Black Activist of the 60’s and todays are glaringly simple. In the past it the fight was about equal rights, freedom and a better life for not just Black Americans but for all Americans. Today’s activist only has one goal in mind; “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME”!

  • Igor Nikolaevich Troubetzkoy

    “I don’t own Hollywood. Who depicted Black people? Who writes the books? Who writes the plays, the songs that make us look less than human? Do you mean to tell me that Jews have never done any evil to Black people?…Were they not involved in the slave trade? Yes, they were…and to the extent that they were involved, somebody has to bring them to account. And I believe that has fallen on me.”–Louis Farrakhan

  • coldything

    You dummy, Muslims have been involved in all aspects of the slave trade and continue to be to a much greater extent than anyone or any group and the planet and that includes all of human history !!

  • coldything

    Nobody is oppressing blacks and have not for a long time . Blacks oppress themselves, especially since the civil rights era of the 60’s. If you don’t raise responsible children, children that take responsibility for their own actions, children that control their emotions, children that get a good education . Then, all your communities will prosper !!