Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — Among the several headlines surrounding Ukraine’s political situation, Russia has indicated that their generous aid package may be on hold.

ukraine yanukovich flyerReuters reported that the $15 billion aid package may not be sent to Ukraine after the Ukrainian parliament voted to oust pro-Russia President Viktor Yanukovich. Yanukovich oversaw the brutal repression of pro-European Union protesters in Kiev’s Independence Square.

Russia is incensed that Ukraine ousted their president and is leaning toward the West and the European Union. Now, Ukraine is begging the West for financial aid as they are almost financially insolvent and teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

Ukraine may be seeking their deposed president for crimes against protesters. His last reported location, according to Reuters, was in Balaclava in Crimea, close to the Russian naval base of Sevastopol.

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  • No RNC

    Let the EUSSR send the western Ukraine street thugs their $$’s.

  • hogorina


    Time usually tells when two global political ideologies come face to
    face, as two immoveable personalities meet head on when an unpleasant
    political situation has developed within the Ukrainian ” Crimea. ” This
    constituent republic of Russia is a geological nat in comparison to
    greater Russia and its vast land. President Vladimir Putin well
    comprehends the past inner struggle from the late I.V. Lenin upwards
    through Joseph Stalin. Putin is trying to rewind historical beginnings
    back to the days when Bolshevism took roots in 1918. President Putin is
    somewhat like the elephant in that he never forgets. In essence, Putin
    is clever in that his political monstrosity needles ahead as an elephant
    tramping the under ground with a clear view of what lies beyond. At
    least, President Putin has the rule of parliamentarian consciousness

    Like a whirlwind out of eastern Europe, America’s guardian eagle
    icon has spread its talons, in fear of a monster’s stamping ground
    through the Crimea. Now, the powers that be, an invisible clan of
    anti-social engineers as global rulers, is warning the elephant by way
    of sending armaments and troops into East Poland in order to somewhat
    warn an apparent enemy not to mess with an eagle of ole-Uncle Sam unless
    you can fly. Well, we have a political stalemate when paranoidism fills
    the political atmosphere between Eastern Poland and Crimean wheat
    fields. Of course, bread and raw minerals is not the bare issue, but
    this problem has wavered back and forth through out Eastern Europe. The
    annexing of landed nations though our state Dept. as a mid stream to
    further our nation’s move through post imperialism is a fraudulent
    scheme of an alien machine of world domination. The Putin government
    does not spread its wings through annexation nor stinger rockets but
    continually dips into the Marxian perception of global socialism. This
    is why the Crimea incident is a turning-back situation for both sides of
    the globe.

    Going back into history Hitler and Stalin made a treaty. Hitler
    took over Austria, and Red Russia gulped up the three Balkan states, not
    not mention Yugoslavia and East Poland.

    And then President Gorbachev denounced Joseph Stalin’s mind-set towards
    Bolshevism and its bridesmaid communism. We can turn and twist this coin
    as pleased but both sides do not vary. The mother of all lies is that
    communism is dead. The struggle now is to literally trick our American
    republic that Karl Marx’s materialistic dialectical materialism has
    fallen through cracks of a police state ruler ship of pro-communist
    revolutionaries now form cells with every state and national government.
    America is now a commie controlled police state. The Crimea deal is
    delusional on both opposites of social configuration in the usefulness
    of brain washing the inarticulate masses aren’t aware as to the
    socialist movement harboring in the atmosphere of political prostitution
    and its diverting middle-class intellectuals through the management of
    political serfdom through the gang in congress and planted traitors
    within the Dept. of state. A good example would be John Kerry and
    Hillary Clinton when it comes to foreign affairs.

    John Kerry has his know-nothing trip to Europe and the Crimea in
    fulfilling his alter ego to aid his fellow travelers bedded down in
    national government. The state dept. has always been dreaded down with
    liars and swindlers from its earliest existence. Kerry, as Hillary, are
    and were tools of an invisible globalists movement in pulling for alien
    power brokers in furthering to destruct our national system of
    democracy. The state Dept. is in the hands of fools and political
    gangsters. Under Franklin Roosevelt, traitor, this man ignored Secretary
    of state Hull. In 1943 at Tewan, Iran, The big three met: Roosevelt,
    Stalin, and Churchill dealt with Joseph Stalin. Roosevelt was in
    absolute dementia and out of his mind. This pro-commie gave anything
    that Stalin wanted. He also gave Stalin fifty-thousand people from
    Germany of all walks of life. These innocent people were to be shot
    behind their heads when entering Siberia. They had been lost forever.
    There is no reason to assume this same situation will be reenacted upon
    our American continent if this gang in control continue to ignore the
    state Dept. while slowly being dumbed down by the pro-Red communist
    infiltrated pseudo democratic/republican parties as a combined clan in
    furthering international socialism.

  • Bertharina Rina



    HERE WE HEAR HOW THE JEWS CONTROL EVERY THING. THIS IS LIE. The Jewish and gentile bankers loan money out to commercial businesses and massive corporations. An entrepreneur heads for the bank and borrows an amount of money, ans signs for a loan. This so-called man puts up an operation and invites investors to put their money up a partners. Now this business man might be be running whore houses across America. Times get hard, for the prostitutes see better hunting on boat excursions without any police official haggling them for pay offs.The borrower cannot repay his sordid intended interest to the bank. No banker had any part in some joker selling flesh. He only wants ( banker ) his money returned. It is investors who ruined the American economy through playing the stock market. The investors and borrower should go to prison as criminals. If you have a fried that played the market then your friend is a thief. PLEASE QUIT BLAMING Jews AND GENTILES FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS WHEN THINGS GO WRONG.!

  • Bertharina Rina


    Our republic has become infested with an alien aristocracy of professional criminals from Asia and Europe. Europe is sandwiched in between the Baltic Sea and several Balkan nations. The Balkans are a seeded matrix of nationalists orientated Christian states. Notably,

    Literally hundreds of immigrants from the Mediterranean area. Basically, the vast majority are democrats. Taking note that a very minimum of immigrants reaching Ellis Island are from Western Europe. Basically, these people are of a republican disposition. Communism is a political flirtation arising from indo Europe. The Balkan states consists of a hegemony of various cultures and religious affiliations. Communism and its bridesmaid, Bolshevism, has a heartbeat resting upon these people’s helpless souls and their nations held in check by Russia and England. Wedged in via two unholy powers mankind is to be culturally enslaved.

    France is England’s henchman and anchored ally. Poland is the political median existing between Russia and Germany, from Eastern Europe to the English Channel. America is only a dependant state of an alien social paranormal elite ruling aristocratic class of blood-thirsty tyrants practicing witchcraft and Satanic impulses while considering the lower races of mankind as slaves unfit to actually breathe God’s fresh air while their own kind sliver along surviving on the putrid oxygen as its fumes originating on the threshing floor of Satan and his disembodied devils keeps such dirty low-down bastards alive. Our corrupt elected officials are slave masters of a psychopathological class of Satan’s gang in the flesh. The world banking industry is an inroad that such witchcraft, intellectual sedation, sexual perversion, as colloidal systems rerouted through mysterious developed metaphysics as correlated idolatry revolving thoughts that arise from the level of bourgeois and aristocratic cultivated feces.

    Morethnlikely, national political engineering is a by-product of

    prostitutional state ineptness to govern by established law. Gangsters and perverts fronting as politicians cultivate no realistic vision of political or cultural environments that would attest to any trust whatsoever by those to be ruled. All fifty states are merely appropriated appendages in alliance as segregated dependants of the ruling socio pathological liars of latrine ideology and swindling elites of London in hock to the ( City of Gold ), a private landed estate of banksters that pays no taxes with select police protection in being no part of London. This reputation of excrement is in accordance with the (District of Columbia) having no ties with Washington. These are politically orientated as private landed estates that pays no taxes and are in allegiance with global criminals. The political bastardization of America has caused old glory to furl. The federal reserve is a private assembly of professional criminals having no regard for our national government. By gunpoint and miliary the national population is imprisoned by state boundaries, Sixty global reserves are allied under the guidance of a global elite. When one goes under then like dominos all sink together. The oil glut is a warning that fiat dollars have seen its days. We have a two-party system in the control of universal Zionism. The Obama administration is merely a tool. We have a bunch of dirty bastards stealing the public blind. A criminal syndicate runs the state department. It is a collection of deadbeats that keeps foreign affairs all screwed up. Yes, this is an organized criminal syndicate of fools and parasites. The elites sit back with their whores , licker, house-partying, while enjoying cultism and sexual impurities, committing murders in being tied to a global Ma

    Mafia of sadistic proportions in calling up spiritual decadence from hell, in spreading phallus worship. Such antisocial whiplashing aristocratic bourgeois masochistically controlling mental and physical slavery this invisible elite with its occultism as a pastime glories in the practice of necrophilism. America has a lethal injection of Bolshevism and its death rattle is clear. Since productive citizens are legally raped through over taxation and robbery by corrupt bank mortgages, raping the dead through necrophia is an elite recognition that these money-hungry bastards happily fall into line with beelzebub and his family of devils in the flesh.From the four-corners of the earth human trash floods our country. Most are professional revolutionaries. These criminals nest in all states. The working force in America are walking the streets in a land built by honest labor. In back of all this is that invisible elite that has no conscious nor collective guilt as legalized criminals. Yes, it Billions for the banksters and debt for the people. In holy writ it reads: no,no, never shall a bastard enter the kingdom of God. Maybe true or not, we have plenty of prisons’ room once the dirty-bastards in

    America are brought to justice.Fifty-state mobs want justice. We do not want a queen Antoinette of 1792 as head of the state Dept. Swelling and mistreated patriotic mobs won’t fall for crumbs. This queen was beheaded. We have a nest of vipers in congress that are coiled with the poison of incipient Bolshevism. It is like a poisonous scorpion that can bite itself and

    dies. This administration has opened jaws.

  • Bertharina Rina


    A pharisee approached Christ in claiming that he ( Pharisee ) was of the seed line of Abraham the patriarch. Christ rebuked this devil in the flesh as a bold-faced liar. This subhuman was persistent that he was of Abrahamic lineage. Christ said: you are not of Abraham’s lineage, for your father is the devil and he has murdered all the prophets down through the ages, even killing Zachariah between the wall and the temple. At one time this Pharisee was in the lineage of Abraham, but he had race-mixed into the satanic blood lineage of Esau, God’s worst enemy, into the

    Canaanite blood line. Jacob, Esau’s brother, failed to do so, and our Lord named him Israel. From Mary through her husband, Joseph, the blood line is unpolluted back through Isaac, Abraham , Jacob, Shem, Noah and Seth. There were several nations that were forbidden that Israelites to marry. Today, the mixed lineage of Esau runs through the veins of most rulers of western civilization. These people are known as Edomites. They are God’s enemies. Mongrelism is a crime against God’s decree that mankind must disregard mixing with nations via laws made in the name of liberalism. Liberalism is communism. Communism is Bolshevism, and Bolshevism is an ancient mental disorder of a class hysteria of rogues that actually nailed Christ to a tree. Hollywood is their chief corner stone of sexual perversion, being used to liquidate the various nations of families that comprise America. The ruling elite that control Hollywood are multiple nationalities, that are not an ethnic race or nation. They are contemporary remnants of ancient Esau’s dominion over Palestine immigrating from the four corners of the earth, nomads and vagabonds.

    In the beginning the great serpent was coiled near the throne of Pharaoh. For 400 years Hebrews had men in physical and economic slavery. Moses fought the invisible viper landing up across the Red Sea. Here, again the serpent is resurrected through Esau. So far racial purity remained as ordained by God. After trial and error this tribe ( Israel ), settled down in Palestine. The serpent engineered a Babylonian captivity. Seventy years later, thousands were sent back to Palestine. Prophets corrected genealogical records and cleared its people of miscegenated mankind. Here God’s law was renewed.

    Later, ten tribes were unlawfully taken to Syria. A remnant of Israel was left in Palestine. Through miscegenation from Assyria down into Mesopotamia, we find Abraham in a city named Trisk. Egypt ruled this area and Pharaoh’s high Priest administered religion. Here, Abraham was called of God as a special vessel to be later named as a patriarch. Abraham was to be the father of all nations, of which seed lineage descended back to Shem, Noah’s son. Abraham had no dealings with the serpent, lucifer. Israel of today is a whoring after strange flesh. King Solomon made this mistake through violating the law racial purity. This is what led to the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah. Too, the destruction of Babylonia. In regarding God’s racial laws we see how NATO and the Pentagon are trifling into the affairs of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, the Crimea and Pakistan. Billions of dollars are paying of nations to join in with NATO in its illegal move towards global imperialism. The bottom line is that the serpent raising its head below a 2500 mountain east of the Mediterranean in a city 30 miles from the sea is restless. The serpent seedline is coiled around the Obama,

    netanyahu, and Vladimir Putin, with its tail reaching back to Noah through Ham. Here is where the mystery of iniquity began and rumbles through two great powers with a little bird in hand that chirps and intends to roar like a lion. Satan and his gang is using the oil shortage mythology to revolutionise Third World miscegenation, in order to strengthen the lineage of a counterfeit Israel. Oil is the cannon.

    Some 350 years BC, Alexander the Great, went into Caucasia near the Black Sea. A native by the name Potus resided. Alexander’s troops married into these people, bringing them along their warring venture. Alexander married a lady in India. We might say that this general was then the progenitor of mass racial world-wide influence. In fact, Alex was a tool of finance out of Palestine, to wage destruction on weaker nations. He was the first One Worlder. This man was poisoned through financial oligarchs while in Babylon. He was the tale of a serpent with a its head on a mountain that overlooked struggling mankind below. The place is ancient Canaan.Nothing has changed today.

  • Bertharina Rina


    In supposition, national government has an unanchored mindset that the present administration is nourishing the theory of absolute isolation. At times, such imagination of political iniquity is not discovered within the Pentagon. The presidency hammers away the fact that imperialism is only a fox-hunt within the Near and Middle East, of which will dissipate when Iran will eventually roll over and play dead. Netanyahu is head hunting for Iran.

    Correspondingly, a Combined trio, caucus, Israel, Britain and our grand old republic, America, collusively cultivate global unification of collectivism, to be garnished with an aggregate of cultural, economical and social amenities. international proletarian motivation to revolt shares a mind-set in line with the universal Marxian concept of a world, one-state utopian spinoff alliance. This worker’s icon, hammer and sickle, as a Golan monster, to be spiritualised and globalist political monstrosity representative is to be visualised globalist political monstrosity, in line with communism and I.V.Vladimir Lenin’s premature unveiling of future Bolshevism. The socialists “ First International “ meeting steamed-rolled through decades winding up on the ground floor of

    the Eastern End of New York City. Technically, The United Nations Organization is a communist front.

    The Israel of 1948 is a Counterfeit state. It has become a leech and of a parasite on the back a vultured administration, in league with professional racketeers. Israel is a hock-shop, operation in winding down an impulsive pseudo-intelligent gangsters grip on the back of Uncle Sam. This self-spawning nest of professional criminality palming itself off as a so-called ally of the West, USA, specifically and Indirectly, using congressional panhandlers, in tightening down a pinpointed dedicated drive to destruct Iran through a maze of national news media in the hands of universal printing bandits. Politico/religious gangsterism urges masses of Americans to approve mental slavery and nihilistic temperaments through ballot-box political surgery, in the hands of Lucifer and his agents of Satan. Our state dept is a caged animal without a growl, while stringing along the Israeli land-poachers and Assyria religious factions. In the name of pseudo democracy a fifty-state mob machine, like a lamb, is led to the slaughter as being fed on the opium of fiat currency. While NATO plants troops into alien soil and the ever expanding free-loading operations here at home, then the conclusion is that illicit invasions and homestead cuddling alien invaders is a revolution on its own. WE have troops in forty lands and fools in national office, in an attempt to ready a civil war, a revolt throughout the country. The destabilization of America runs deeper, as to the communist takeover is near completion. Oil is used to manipulate the pro-communist ruling elite in the District of Columbia. This is a special elite of aristocratic putrefaction being alienated from all fifty-states. These scoundrels are the leading proponents in controlling all state offices, including their appointed presidency. All Near and far east nations fear and tremble as drones and stinger-rockets with the inclusion of nuclear weapons hold them in line through fear, while slave-labor and natural resources are imported become ambivalent as to the GNP.The trashing of American production in unleashing poverty is well-lain path into the royal arms of incipient communism, bolshevism, and a One World confederated nest of anti-christian bastards, of whom nailed our saviour to a tree.

    Contrary to belief, pedigreed villainess blood lines are thicker than water. Indeed, an animal cannot change its spots. For sure, multitudes of hybrids, inter-mixtures of multiple gangs of nomads and vagabonds, drifters, swarmed into ancient Judaea, to be hauled off, These people as historicity reveals, were classed as mud-people– were hauled off into the north into region of Assyria. The council on Foreign Relations satisfies Netanyahu’s religious options encouraging military action against Assyria. This always a pretext in pulling Iraq into the affairs of Iran. This situation has existed for hundreds of years. Several military induced societies are correlated into one grand alliance–one blood line The state Dept is upside-down in that three countries are united with a winner take all. American troops are occupying in and near these nations, for no other reason than a specific religion, oil and sustaining petro-dollar. NATO illegally invades alien territory.

    Slandering three associative rebellious patriots with implicated names brings no division amongst one united blood lineage.

    The present administration is stagnated with no prospects of military might to pull its chestnuts out of the fire. Over a period of hundreds of years invaders, crawlers from a global sewer of human excrement, have wormed their parasitic venture right into the armpit of western civilization. Their stagnated cultures have politically decimated any nation offering them a seat into civilised western-world pseudo-democracies. China, Assyria, Iran, Iraq will fall in line with all caliphates of Arabia that are not bribed to protect Arabia oil production. The split will remain. The attempt to control the Crimea shows where Russia is committed. The present administration is a bungling tool with no one at the helm of state. Israel, a counterfeit state, being jaw-locked over diverse religious infatuations willingly, as a team, rape, loot and invade governments, of which have ethnic and a prised national inertia of concrete existence, rather than to serve a future world-state as a cross-road politically designed commercial trading center. NATO and the Pendragon professionals should pull in their claws. Our state department should mull over this. The aristocracy of occult rule via london and the D.C. should be rounded up and imprisoned as to their regard to all children. If not, then America is finished

  • Bertharina Rina


    You have a tremendous comprehension on both sides of the isle.With level of limited education I can recognize intellectual honesty.
    All the folks within this site would really have a let down if you were leave them, and hanging loose. I don’t care if u drop my comments completely, for its critical that follow your instincts in the love of truth. There is an old maxim: familiarity breeds contempt.) This can take place within your site. The scriptures warn: never trust in the arm of flesh). Osteen,
    Graham, Hagee, Hinn; for Satan has them in his yoke of monetary bondage. I do not condemn them; for maybe they know no better, but, as to the mobs with itching ears, all are led to the slaughter like driven lamb.
    The late Winston Churchill, England’s Prime Minister during WW11 often pondered: one must get to the bottoms lord root of the matter). Attuned to this consideration, one must break the back of a national empire of religions, and their folly of falling into the trap of the world of materialism. The present administration in office has reversed Churchill’s pondering, and has the matter of political gangsterism nailed down as the root, while the matter of congressional intuition as public officialdom, pigeon holes any matter of which constituents seek redress.

  • Bertharina Rina


    Our United States Republic has politically deviated into the universal web of imperialism . Nationalism has been leveled into a corpse of petrified nihilism. Pseudo Democracy has yielded up to a treasonous politically gerrymandered

    religious / political machine, as pallbearers for a deceased confederated fifty state regimentation of mandated mental cripples awaiting a holocaust of multi-cultural variations and tribal identity, creating collectivised socially incapacitated ballot-box slaves of politically rustled humanity. This fifty state dependency has been up rooted under British admiralty law and the Bank of England. As a mere dependency through the City of London, the global house of Rothschild’s wealth designs the death knell for America to become a second rate world power, while our Congress is a mindless shiftless organ of lackadaisical pedalers of liberal and conduit of fraudulent lapdogs. The present gangrene of national administration snails in the direction of a coiled viper and a purported poison and animated rule fitfully calcified awaiting the death knell of a once free Republic. It is a matter of time before America becomes a fortified police state in the hands of a world government, being deified as future humanity’s globalized mannequins of socially processed beings making up psychological engineered souls of mental degeneracy. The powers that be are molding useful drones into a one state religion. This anti-driven piston rests its laurels upon Constitutional fractionalism.

    This specific incipient cancer is the watch tower over politically galvanized pseudo democracy that has brought the professions and science as mandated tools of under the wings of Marxian economics and the fallacy of social suicide. Mental slavery through the process of psychic degeneration has preempted social engineering via pre-conceived implanted psychedelics for schooled therapeutics

    of brain-twisting recognizance of state machinery. This hellish lamp post is dimmed towards unsuspecting intelligences becoming zombies in thought and irregular in sophisticated insight. Thus the mind becomes a stolid organ of state dependency, emotionally disturbed, being led into a new world order.

    For once in American history, the pentalum wind-bags lined up as Congressional gas bags have betrayed this nation, not country, into hands of

    alien spiritual philosophies of Asian and Oriental cultural infinities counter to western civilization. The actual looting of Third World nations as colonies of greater Britain with gun powder and shell became victims of parliamentarian gangsterism in alliance with Wall Street hustlers and illicit investors as in-grouped with the universal Rothschilds banking syndicate. As noted: nations were sold out, not countries. A country consists of a geographical chunk of rock with set boundaries. Wherein a nation consists of humanity endowed with flesh, blood and souls. To plunder a country for its oil and minerals is the utmost gain. In back of all this is the explicit drive of British and American ambition is to enforce through pseudo democracy a counterfeit social structure, being shielded by inhuman anti social political gangsterism, as a front for an insidious nation of plunderers of global humanity, ( souls ) and their inherent right to exist as a free people on this earth. Corralled of all productive wealth; to be plundered spiritually, as under a wicked tribe of sub-human ghouls creating as a one-way hell on earth. The word humanity is no match for this lower order of mankind that have crawled forth from the mud-flats and slime pits as an amoeba hatched from earthly sewers around the globe. Contemporary descendants of such lower cannibalistic parasitism are now seated in the highest realm of national government. This is a dangerous gang in the palms of universal financial whore mastering. These harlots rule America.

    Understandably, the elite rulers of the sodomite vermin controlling the United Nations organization sits in as a front for globally restructuring humanity. To this end, NATO is triggered as a war machine, in the hands of an invisible government.

    Only Jesus Christ comprehends Satan’s compulsion to destruct western civilization. Christ warns mankind; “ Beware of the elders of Israel. “ This is not the counterfeit state of Israel sat up in 1948. In fact, WW1 & WW11 was fought that an illicit British Balfour declaration would give Palestine to encroaching Zionism.

    Jewish & gentile bankers worked hand-in-glove with the powerful monetary tycoon, Rothschild.

    Obviously, the hidden-hand of an invisible government planted Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Palestine. Netanyahu is of Asiatic ancestry–not Jewish. Demanding that Congress is goaded into WW111, this programmed gangster fell short in getting the youth of America to fight for a gang of hoodlums housing brains of Neanderthal ancestry. America has become a second world power. President Putin beat NATO in moving into the Crimea. This qualifies Ukrainian interest under Russian influence. And, Putin bombed the Isis in Syria. Iran stays put on nuclear weapons and Mid East northern saudi receives weapons in overriding the war-mongering knotheads lounging within the Pentagon.

    The lackadaisical class of political meatheads fails in every direction as one might concur. However, Russia is pulling in all manner of intensifying its stand of The Disunited States under the leadership of pseudo democracy & its gang of political rustlers so cleverly managed by that invisible entity of which make wars upon innocent Third World nations with the gobble-de-gook hoodwinking. The difference between indifference will remain as long as mankind wills to be free.

  • Bertharina Rina


    Since liberalised mental prostitution is primarily based upon the presumption of individual perception and a discordant inactivity of rebellion against socially acceptable responsibilities, the primitivity of consciousness rebels against contemporary anti-social collective political revolutionaries, as the critical point in life rolling forth as organized confusion. The individual (ID) never performs, and its cleverness is concealed via mother nature’s makeup, indeed, a device in shielding

    dehumanised animals, in not comprehending that fodder is animal feed and corn

    on the cob is palpable. No doubt, liberalized brains do a double take in not comprehending that literally twisted personalities, collectively, liberals of the opposite ends of a mule, being used as a compass, in a manner of one way row-plowing, can modify twisted brain cells, unimaginably, that emotions and guilt cannot be inflected as an outside atribute. With mob-like indictment, that liberal machine, un-triumphally, plows an unseen path to self-destruct. With one-massive organised humanless ego, swell-headed fools take organised societies down the path to socialized slavery. Fodder and cob remains the bottom-line truth. No man is an island unto himself. Mental cripples of commercially indoctrinated apathy are prey to the ever incipient philosophy of marxian embellishment based upon revolutionary contempt for productive humanity. Liberalism, actually, have original roots right into the heart of the Bull Dyke administrative proclivities of the District

    of Columbia and the City of London. These are the home of secret societies. Their religion is no religion, but world rule. Liberalism is the matrix of this vast machinery of global entrenchment.

    Exactly alike, ( Horseradish ) is not horseradish and nothing to do with radish. ( Wikipedia ). Horses fodder is palatable animal food. ( Wikipedia ). Radish of various vegetables is common. Mankind consumes animals and vegetables. Political humanoids better classed as Homo sapiens, siding up as liberals, vegetate a massive mental disorder that is contrary to a Republican rule. The fruit of this movement is not germane and contradictory to christian civilizations. Imaginary food here is fed from the emotions and expressed in the actual act of revolutionary masochism–CRIME. Orthodox in self-hatred and instinctively, the national news industry sublimates the liberalized pro-Red movement across America. Under this shed an exposed movement is uncovered through Orwellian

    truthfulness. The crimes committed through this machine of national pedagogy

    enslavement coupled with Bull Dyke intrusion through national government will never match Machiavelli’s , ( The Prince ). It is not unorthodox to to reveal that America has sunk into the political valley as a global second-state empire. We might add, The Disunited States of Americka. We are using the Stalinists rule, not Vladimir Putin of Russia. The late Dr. Sigmund Freud, contradictory in many ways,

    coined contemporary LIBERALISM as discounted paranoids as suffering from “ The “Personality suppression gravitational syndrome.” The highlight of individual sexual deviation into progressive anxiety. Television and Hollywood is the school of the ever growth of liberalism. The Red gang has invaded America through thought control. Here we observe one-sided two-party dissidents faltering on the perception that to follow pseudo democracy for self-gain fell into the trap of socially engineered fools. Our two-party system creates an empire of agitating misinformed bastards spell-bound with a compulsion to rip the guts out of a once stable country. America is politically doomed. We are awaiting the curtain to fall.

    Being contrary to a nation’s fall within less than three-hundred years,

    our general overpowered citizens walk around hands in pocket with heads slumped over their chest. This massive nihilism caused the fall of ancient Rome.

    LIBERALISM has torn the heart from ever christian civilization upon this earth This is because we a group, not nation, of which walked in and sat up counterfeit governments. These animals seemed to have dodged abortion and now are flooding the earth. This filthy grind of global wanderers of expanding sub human existence are spreading disease and and a mental fungus harbor no claim to the higher order of mankind other than akin to swine. This is our inward enemy

    The professions and all fifty states are being politically lobotomized with poisoned food and medicine. The glory of God is intelligence. God hates ignorance. The villains of global trash controlling national government are dehumanized gutter-relays having their feast over innocent souls of America’s children locked into a national web of sexual deviates and surrounded by a cesspool of bull dykes

    and body-snatchers, The ultimate is that children are left to fight against body-snatchers, while men sit at ball games and pool halls. As one late Congressman put it on national television, “ We have them on the run, let’s keep them on the run,’ Whisky and whore mongering killed this low-class son of a bitch.

    This is a word to the wise!

  • Bertharina Rina


    When our late President franklin D. Roosevelt and priminster of Britain Wiston Churchill met at Quebec in 1941, later at Agentina, a master plan was put into affect, of which eventually was to bring into focus of a futuristc New World order. At a third meeting took place at Quebec. Here was to be reinstated the late President Woodrow Wilson’s dream of incorporating American democracy into the European Leage of Nations. Roosevelt and Churchill were active plants for the District of Columbia and the City of Gold in London. Here we had the bank of England and our Federal Reserve in hock to universal finance, being locked into a web of European reserves. Yes, two great leaders of delusional intentions created the National Atlantic Treaty Organization. Post war intentions was to organise the covention of three global states, The United States, great Britain and Soviet Russia. Originality has been achieved here, as Vladimir Putin has become a tool, when Roosevelt and Churchill senced an apparition of Wilson. Our national administration is unacceptable, stained with the seed of Royality. Malfeasence of rule is unleashed criminality and needs to be uprooted.

    Without a doubt, national discontent and resentment rebels against looting of the treasury through financing wars of aggression in the middle east. This inappropreate manner is looting tax payers into pauperaism and debt. An elite class of global influence have determined that several middle East nations must be conquered in the name of an psudo democracy existing within the fifty states of America. The first move was to destabalizes Liberia. Vladimir Putin worked with a gang of internationalists via the crimia operation.

    Indeed, shame-faced congressional seat warmers has lost contact with presidental consideration, in that all are installed through bribery. Yes, voting constituents are smeltering with the mental derangement of massive nihilism.

    A nation is being pauperised through hyper inflation over taxation. An ever rising revolt agaisnt police state measures and armed garrisons fronting as FAMA, SWAT, and HLS was proof at WACO, that a once free nation is corraled by an insider enemy, being ruled through international financial syndicates geared to socializing a Republic. The Valor of Ignorance comprehensive here.

    Absolutely, the wrecking and enslavement towards universal enslavement points back to Roosevelt Churchill, as tools of what we envision today. We witness this as NATO & the United nations is an organized bastion of criminals.

    The aggression into the middle East is counter to international law. Mohammadism will never accept pseudo Democracy and its affiliated connection with the Judaeo / christian scheme into organized ignorance. The power house here playing obedience to liberalized feduciary.

    Total comprehension here is that israel is in complete religious disaray. Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, pushes for WW3. Henry Kissinger knows that the state of Israel is diminishing. Jakels in the Pendagon follows the spiel that it is nescessary to measure the black gold of oil on the terms of Petro and fiat currency. This war is to maintain a goldless trade system. Too, towards maintaining Palistinian grip on land seizures. Billions have begotton to Israel that she can arm her allies to use America and British military input against Asyria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, iran, Damascus, and Pastigan, throwing in France and Germany. All of this is dilusional and personal impropriaty of which drove three men to their graves. Wilson, Roosevelt & Churcill. There is no ambitious apparition of these three former gangsters, for the New World order is finished!