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WASHINGTON — A recent piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic suggested that the U.S. government should pay slavery reparations to black Americans for Jim Crow laws and other policies. That piece was not received well by many, but led to a recent op-ed in Reuters on the same topic.

US President Barack Obama gestures for tReuters published an opinion piece by Michael Maiello that pushed for the U.S. government to pay reparations to black Americans.

Maeillo began and said, “Imagine we have decided yes, as a society we must pay a price for these injustices, and it must be large. Those payments could well constitute the stimulus that the U.S. economy needs to take it into the next century.”

He called these reparations, “stimulus is stimulus, as long as it’s done right.” Maeillo pushed for giving money to black Americans and their families, but said it did not matter if it were invested or for spending.

He predicted that “reparations would affect 44.5 million Americans, most of whom are in a position, or could eventually be in a position, to do far more than spend.” He contended that this “stimulus” will “lead to both entrepreneurship and investment and potential direct poverty alleviation for 3.2 percent of the total population, assuming that cash-based reparations payments would be large enough to lift even the poorest recipient above the poverty line.”

What is your take on this piece on slave reparations in the U.S.?

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  • Gerry

    If ever there was “Horse Pucky” reasoning this is a prime example. Every first generation of immigrants suffered some form of descrimination and rose above it. This country has done more for black people than any other group and unfortunately in most cases it was throwing money down a rathole. Its long overdue that black people face the reality that you have to get an education and work for a living to achieve the American dream. The Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson philosophy of the easy life on taxpayer dollars doesn’t fly.

  • dirtydog1776

    This article about slave reparations to black Americans makes the assumption that the money received would be spent wisely on education, new homes, investing in new and existing businesses, etc., which is not supported by any past or present evidence. The main benefactors of such an extravagant giveaway would be drug dealers, wig and liquor stores and the manufacturers of $300 athletic shoes and blingz. Such an action would represent the greatest squandering of wealth ever seen in the history of the world.

  • Rigel

    Blacks have and have had some absolutely great men and women including Martin Luther King Jr who said people should be judged not by the color of their skin but by their character. Why would he wish for anything else. What advice would MLK have for these people today? Would he be ashamed of them? All the liberal media want to show is carpetbaggers. People of great character are the people I admire and have great respect for regardless of their ethnicity. This country was built with much diversity. The quality that made it great was not the diversity but the unity of values and the greatest moral value system in the history of the world. The value system that formed the foundation of our constitution, It isn’t perfect but it is the same value system that eventually ended slavery in America. Who would wish to change this system and why. Show me a system with a better track record of freedom, prosperity and power to overcome evil should the need arise. Claimed by many to be an old outdated system that still addresses the flaws of human nature which will never change.